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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings

Prayer Requests for November 27, 2011:

Frank: Needs employment as his company is closing

Rede: Sufficient good health for travel

Richard: Healing needed for an infection from a ruptured bowel

Sarah C.: Healing of cancer, wife of Pastor Rollo (Miami, FL)

Nelson: Prayers for guidance

Tita: Prayers for guidance

Rupert: Seeking God

Donna: Healing

Mike: Healing

Veronica: Healing

Donny: Safe travel in USAF, restationed to Okinawa

Alex: Healing

Karen: Healing

Sandra: Healing (in hospital)

Aaron P.: Healing (stroke at age 35, in hospital)

Patti: Healing from shoulder surgery

Lord, grant your healing grace to all who are sick, injured, or disabled, so that they may be made whole.

Lord, have mercy upon us. Amen.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Prayer Update: Cathie B.

We just heard from Cathie B. for whom we've been praying for healing as she has stage 4 lung cancer.

The lesions on her brain have decreased or disappeared with the radiation treatment! The remainder are likely to disappear. Please keep praying as they treat the primary cancer.

--Father Acker

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prayer for Laurie S.

Laurie Steinberg went to be with God a little after 8:00 on Friday, September 23. Please continue to pray for Allison's family and Laurie in his new life.

I AM the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord:
he that believeth in me, though he were dead,
yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and
believeth in me, shall never die.

O GOD, whose mercies cannot be numbered;
Accept our prayers on behalf of the soul of
thy servant departed, and grant him an
entrance into the land of light and joy, in
the fellowship of thy saints; through Jesus
Christ our Lord.

Father Keith Acker, SSC

Thursday, September 22, 2011


At his passing, we commend Victor to God's care and mercy. We pray for strength and guidance for his wife, Karen, and her family as they mourn.

Lord, grant Victor eternal rest;
May your everlasting light shine upon him.

New Prayer Request: Allison's Dad

Allison's father was diagnosed with cancer about three months ago. He is only 58 years old. Things have not gone well. A few weeks ago, they were told he only has 6 months to a year to live. Yesterday morning, that was reassessed as a week to ten days. Last night, they said he has about 48 hours.

Please pray for Allison as she travels to be with her family and for her father that he may have a holy death.

Lord, have mercy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings for September 4

Prayer Requests for September 4:

Maureen A: guidance after loss of employment, prayer for success of lateral transfer

Chris B: guidance after downsized to half-time employment, seeking additional work

Carmen: guidance

George S: healing after return of cancer; beginning 3rd round of chemotherapy; healing of excruciating pain and guidance after loss of employment

Victor G: healing with heart ejection rate at 50%

Karen G: guidance regarding husband's decline in health

Corinna: healing (emotional and physical) after loss of baby at 19 weeks

Linda: healing after breaking both elbows

Thanksgiving for September 4

Rede A: thanksgiving for healing of broken arm and beginning therapy to walk

Betty: thanksgiving for successful eye surgery on 8/11

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Prayer Request for Sarah Casiple

Rollo and Sarah Casiple ministered to the youth of San Diego through several churches, including Lake Murray Community Church where Rollo was the worship and youth pastor. It took two people to replace Rollo when God called Rollo, Sarah, and their five children to minister in inner-city Miami where they currently live. Rollo is senior pastor at La Vina Community Church.

This morning Rollo posted on Facebook:

The good news is this…

Cancer is So Limited

It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot corrode faith
It cannot eat away at peace
It cannot destroy confidence
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot shut out memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot reduce eternal life
It cannot squelch the Spirit
It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection

My wife Sarah was found to have ovarian cancer. The doctors removed most of the cancer through the surgery but there are some spots on her peritoneum that will need to be treated with chemotherapy. The doctor was very optimistic and positive about Sarah’s prognosis. We are too. Not because of what we know about the improved treatments for cancer but because of what we know about our glorious God, the power of the Gospel and the undeniable future awaiting Sarah, myself and all who believe.

It is impossible to tell you all the thoughts and emotions Sarah and I have felt over the last few days. Cancer was certainly a reality going into this surgery and was without a doubt our worst fear. It was hard to not feel like Sarah had received a death sentence when we heard the news. But, God is turning our fear into peace. His Word is moving that peace into confidence. And now, we see him moving that confidence into a spirit of determination to overcome. Our doctors and nurses have said to us many times in the last few days that we have a “fight” ahead of us. Undoubtedly, there is fight we face but it’s not against cancer. It’s against the spirit of fear, depression and complacency that comes from feeling that we are limited by cancer or anything else in this world. The reality is that we were already facing very weighty life altering issues before all this happened. God is using this to build the endurance and tenacity to face those things as well.

So thank you for praying. God is answering your prayers. One of our friends sent a prayer that God would glorify Himself in amazing ways in and through Sarah really resonated with us. We see God doing so IN her (and me too :) and are excited about what God will do THROUGH her in the upcoming days. Again, thank you for your prayers. I have read every single one of them to her and it has been a great encouragement to both Sarah and myself.

(Psa 138:7-8 NIV) Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes, with your right hand you save me. {8} The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O LORD, endures forever…

So please join in praying for Sarah's complete recovery, for peace for Rollo and the five Casiple children, and for God's glory to shine through this extraordinary family as they live this opportunity to trust in God's grace and sovereignty.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prayer for Pastor Benthin

Bob Benthin, pastor to seniors at Lake Murray Community Church in La Mesa, was rushed to Scripps La Jolla tonight after having a heart attack. The paramedics said that his vitals were good when they started transporting him.

Pastor Benthin was raised Anglican and studied to become an Anglican priest in his early 20s. He's now in his seventies. Please pray for his complete recovery and peace for his wife, Annette.

Thanks for praying,

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings, August 14

New Prayer Requests for August 14:

Sara’s family: prayers for strength & guidance in mother’s failing health

Bill S: prayers for guidance in waiting for 8/8 results of stomach mass biopsy

Jeremy: prayers for healing

Lucy: prayers for healing

New Thanksgivings for August 14:

Rede A: thanksgiving for significant healing in her broken arm

Betty (Tim M's mother): thanksgiving for successful eye surgery on 8/11

Bill S: thanksgiving for a successful knee surgery (7/28)

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 7: New Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings

New Prayer Requests:

Chris B: prayer for healing and the replacement of med pump (8/10); chronic back pain

Stephanie & Tim: prayer for safe travel, 8/10 - 8/14

Gregory Nelson: prayer for safe travel in AZ, returning 8/10?

Donna G: prayer for healing for T12 back surgery on Aug 1, 2011

Brian: prayer for guidance

Betty: prayer for healing, eye surgery on 8/11

Jeremy: prayer for healing

Lucy: prayer for healing

Sara’s family: prayer for guidance and strength in mother’s failing health

Bill S: prayer for guidance in waiting for 8/8 results of stomach mass biopsy

Thanksgivings for Answered Prayers:

Vince: thanksgiving that bone cancer is in remission

Karen G: thanksgiving for being rehired with Spring Valley School District

Bill S: thanksgiving for successful knee surgery on 7/28

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update for August 2

Donna, who had a broken back, came through surgery well. She'll be in rehab for some time. Please continue to pray for her complete and rapid recovery.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings for July 31

New Prayer Requests:

Karen G: prayer for guidance and strength regarding family health care issues (husband Victor and her mother with a broken back) & summer session classes

Eugenio E: prayer for guidance after bad church experiences

Justin, Barbara: prayer for guidance in looking for housing near base in MT

Muriel P: prayer for healing

Don: prayer for healing

Norma: prayer for guidance

Salvadore: prayer for guidance

New Thanksgivings for Answered Prayer:

Alex S: thanksgiving for a new job at Petco Park

Emilie S: thanksgiving for a new job at Albertsons (Alpine)

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings for July 17

Prayer Requests:

Katrina [Belgrade, Serbia]: God’s guidance, direction, and protection for a personal relationship [Internet request]

Nancy: guidance

Stan: guidance

Cameron: guidance in recovery, requesting strength to stay on program

Carrie G: guidance as Catechumen for Baptism

Kalani: healing


Helen: thanksgiving for extraordinary recovery from thyroid surgery

Prakash: [Kurseong, India] thanksgiving for healing; pray for growing stronger [Internet request]

Nancy G: thanksgiving for recovery from foot surgery

Stephen: thanksgiving for graduation from SDSU and full-time employment

Cheri Y: thanksgiving for healing from cancer

Don, Sandy, Nick: thanksgiving for safe travel to England 7/2-7/17

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thanksgivings for July 16

Hi, Prayer Team!

We've been praying for Helen S who had a third thyroid surgery two weeks ago. She is doing remarkably well. We're expecting she and her husband at our service tomorrow.

We've also been praying for Carrie G who has been considering baptism. Tomorrow we're expecting her at our service again.

Thanks for all of your prayers,
Father Acker

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Requests for July 10

Jerry S.
Ellen A.
No longer on dialysis, but still on a respirator; longterm care
Fausto & Dolores F.
58th wedding anniversary & travel to SC til 8/15
Thyroid surgery

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Prayer Requests for July 3, 2011

Charles A
RIP critical arterial neck FrA’ uncle
Jun 26, 2011
Mary P

May 25, 2011
Richard R

Jul 3, 2011
open to God’s grace
Jul 3, 2011

Jul 3, 2011
Cathie B
Lung cancer, stage 4
Jul 3, 2011
liver cancer
Jul 3, 2011
knee surg 6/30
Jul 3, 2011

Jul 3, 2011
Robert W
holy death
dying of cancer
Jul 3, 2011
Recovered/Thanks 6 month old: more tests; ¿salmoella?
May 1, 2011
Colorado (visit parents) 7/4-8th
Jul 3, 2011
Bill & Liz F
till ???
Jul 3, 2011
Aaron, Traci, Warren
Jul 3, 2011
Don, Sandy, Nick
to England 7/2-17
Jul 3, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Prayer Requests: June 19

We have decided to post new prayer requests each week; scroll down for the orginal requests.

Prayer Requests for June 19, 2011

Jack A: guidance for caregiver (June 19, 2011)

Helen: healing, having 3rd surgery next week; requesting visit from Father Acker (Jun 15, 2011)

Cathie B: healing, slow improvement; no diagnosis on chest pain (June 16, 2011)

Rede A: healing, broke her arm 6/14; 84 yrs (FrA’s mother);now @home (June 19, 2011)

Alice & Keith+: travel to ACNA Council 6/20-22 (June 19, 2011)

Marcela: guidance (June 19, 2011)

Carrie G: guidance, requested to meet about baptism (June 15, 2011)

Craig W: guidance (June 12, 2011)

Victor G: healing, mini-stroke, declining health; in hospital (June 15, 2011)

Ann: guidance, for loss (June 11, 2011)

Tamera: healing from hysterectomy (June 19, 2011)

Chris, Steph, Andrew: travel til 6/22 (June 19, 2011)

Glen: departed, RIP 6/18 (we had prayed a holy death) (June 19, 2011)

Hap: guidance (June 19, 2011)

Jack: guidance (June 12, 2011)

Curran Family: healing (June 12, 2011)

Thanksgivings for June 19, 2011

Ashley W: thanksgiving for college graduation (Ben/Holly Lizak)

Betsy and Marianne: thanksgiving for safe return from European travel 6/1-6/14

Tim M: thanksgiving for safe return from fishing trip through 6/19

Glen: departed 6/18 after prayers for a holy death

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prayer Request 6/15/11

Please pray for a holy death for Glen, the uncle of Mark M. He is 86, in the hospital and failing.

New Requests for 6/15/11

Rede (Father Acker's mother) fell while my folks were visiting my critically ill uncle (Charles A) who is having a risky arterial surgery in his neck later this week (50/50 survival rate). As you may remember, this is one break in a long series of breaks and surgeries for his mother.

Victor (husband of one of our members who is agnostic) had another "mini-stroke." Victor has been in declining health. When Father Acker last spoke with him, he seems to believe in God, but hasn't accepted His salvation as far as Father can tell.

Carrie is in the seeking process and believes she would like to be baptized. Father Acker met with her yesterday morning and will meet with her again later this week. He is helping her to come to make a decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. It was a positive meeting. Please pray for their next meeting together.

Father Acker is also down with a cold which both Alice and he believe they picked up on the airplane return on Saturday. Hopefully he did not spread it to others Monday or Tuesday morning.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Special Prayer Requests: Pentecost Sunday

lished Name Task Detail prayer request Last Update Full Name Contact
Will G+ departed RIP 5/10/11; leukemia 5/7; starts chemo 5/8 (4
May 10, 2011 Fr. Willl Griffin (TX)
Ralph, Helen guidance May 8, 2011
Virginia R guidance Mar 6, 2011
Cathie B healing unknown chest pain, guide drs for diagnosis Jun 12, 2011
Ellen A healing Set back to more time on respirator May 15, 2011
Kai healing 6 month old: more tests; salmonella? May 1, 2011
Lee T healing Declining; Stroke with limited recovery Apr 3, 2011 
Pete healing heart (continued muscle regulation) Mar 13, 2011
Trish healing May 29, 2011
Vicky healing Brain aneurism; Craig rehab Apr 15, 2010
Adelaide F (Miney) homebound May 8, 2011 
Evelyn H homebound Apr 3, 2011 
Lorraine W homebound Arthritis; Shingles Apr 3, 2011 
Ashley W thanksgiving College graduation (Ben/Holly Lizak) Jun 12, 2011 
Jacquie guidance Open to God’s grace Apr 3, 2011
Tuck guidance Apr 3, 2011
William A guidance Life direction Apr 3, 2011
Bashir Ahmed healing Stroke Apr 3, 2011 
Bill healing May 15, 2011
Jack A healing Oral Surgery continued healing Apr 3, 2011
Jeff healing Bone cancer; inoperable Apr 3, 2011
Kay Denton healing Heart, lung, & kidney disease Apr 3, 2011 
Kyle healing IED in Afghanistan; back at Camp Pendleton May 15, 2011
Lauralee healing Cancer Apr 3, 2011
Paula healing ALS and new job Apr 3, 2011
Rod healing Lung cancer Apr 3, 2011
Steve healing May 15, 2011
Todd healing IED in Afghanistan; starting to walk with bionic legs May 15, 2011
Jordan military May 15, 2011
Neal military USN May 15, 2011
Trevor military USAF May 15, 2011
Trevor military USN May 15, 2011
Carmen, Jeff, Jane guidance Bereavement of Caroline’s death 4/2010 Apr 3, 2011 
Elizabeth B guidance Financial Aid deadline missed; Deciding what to do next term
Apr 6, 2011
Keith B guidance Employment search Dec 27, 2010 
Bella & Maddie healing B 7yr car accident 4/13; M 2yr pneumonia (Maddie still on oxygen) Apr 24, 2011
Bruce D healing Needs heart transplant Dec 27, 2010
Chelsea healing walking on injured leg w/o pain; still has double
vision & memory loss; pray for cont. healing
May 8, 2011
Fern healing Broken arm & pelvis from a fall; still recovering Dec 27, 2010
George S healing Surgery 11/29 cancer; 1/2 experiencing extreme pain Jan 2, 2011
Susanne B healing pain relief Dec 27, 2010 
Chris B healing chronic back pain Mar 20, 2011 
Vivian healing Apr 28, 2010
Gregory guidance Postulant to the diaconate; homiletics class May 8, 2011 
Nelson, Stephen, Ashley guidance Apr 17, 2011
Charles healing May 29, 2011
Diane C healing Gastro-intestinal; poor health Jun 12, 2011 
Donald healing May 29, 2011
Phyllis healing declining health Jun 12, 2011 
Wilma healing May 15, 2011
Mabel healing stroke Jan 2, 2011
Anthony guidance Dec 26, 2010
Carmen guidance marriage May 1, 2011
Delores F guidance May 15, 2011 
Fausto guidance Apr 3, 2011
Jennifer F guidance Jan 23, 2011
Karen F guidance Nov 28, 2010 
Leticia guidance Apr 3, 2011
Rick guidance Dec 26, 2010
Salvadore guidance Apr 3, 2011
Scott guidance Apr 3, 2011
Steve guidance Feb 6, 2011
Fred healing Mar 6, 2011
Larry F healing Dec 19, 2010
Barbie guidance May 1, 2011
Betty guidance Mar 27, 2011
Billy guidance Apr 17, 2011
Brian guidance May 8, 2011
Carmen guidance May 29, 2011
Colleen guidance May 29, 2011
Hector guidance Mar 20, 2011
Jenny guidance Apr 17, 2011
Katrina guidance Apr 17, 2011
Lupe guidance Apr 10, 2011
Mark guidance Feb 27, 2011
Marty guidance Apr 17, 2011
Mary guidance May 1, 2011
Maureen & Family guidance Mar 20, 2011
Medaline guidance Apr 17, 2011
Nick guidance May 8, 2011
Norma guidance Apr 17, 2011
Patty guidance Apr 17, 2011
Robert guidance May 8, 2011
Terry guidance Mar 27, 2011
Vicki guidance Mar 27, 2011
Vince guidance May 8, 2011
Vinnie guidance Apr 10, 2011
Bernie healing May 8, 2011
Beth healing May 29, 2011
Betty, Bert healing May 29, 2011
Bill F healing swelling of ankles; testing at VA; unknown
diagnosis; chronic knee pain Feb 27, 2011
Charles healing Mar 13, 2011
Chole healing Jan 9, 2011
Coby healing May 8, 2011
Corina healing May 29, 2011
Donna healing Apr 17, 2011
Dot healing Mar 13, 2011
Eric healing May 29, 2011
Gene healing May 8, 2011
Izzy healing Apr 17, 2011
Jim healing Mar 13, 2011
Liz F healing diabetes, vertigo; Pool therapy is helping rehab May 1, 2011
Marty healing May 15, 2011
Nancy healing May 15, 2011
Robert healing May 29, 2011
Suzie healing May 8, 2011
Tony healing May 15, 2011
Veronica healing May 29, 2011
Vince healing May 29, 2011
Will healing May 29, 2011
Carrie G guidance Requested to meet about baptism today Jun 12, 2011
Craig W guidance Jun 12, 2011
Victor G healing in rehab facility Feb 13, 2011 
Helen F guidance Family Sep 26, 2010 
Sol F guidance Family Sep 26, 2010 
Sue R guidance husband passed away after long illness Oct 17, 2010 
Deane healing May 1, 2011
Nancy G healing recovery from foot surgury Jun 12, 2011
Larry guidance May 1, 2011
Emma W healing Brain tumor Jan 31, 2010
Linda healing May 15, 2011
Aaron, Traci, Warren travel 5/18-?? May 15, 2011
June K healing shingles Apr 3, 2011 
Paul healing Oct 24, 2010
Terry healing Oct 24, 2010
David L healing Back pain May 29, 2011
Doris M healing Heart disease May 29, 2011
John healing May 29, 2011
Ken L healing Chemo May 29, 2011
Mark L healing Back pain May 29, 2011
Mary I healing Cancer May 29, 2011
Mike healing May 29, 2011
Betsy, Marianne travel 6/1-6/14 May 29, 2011
Peter employment Jul 18, 2010
Gayle guidance difficult divorce; dau just had surgery (Holly) Apr 17, 2011
Stephanie guidance May 8, 2011
Toni guidance Doing well at new job 12/1; sister Toni RIP Apr 4, 2011
Betty healing Failing health Jul 11, 2010
Danielle healing follow up mammogram May 8, 2011
Eunice healing knee replacement 3/28 Mar 27, 2011
Gary healing Diabetes Apr 28, 2010
Holly healing 16yr recovering from surgery Apr 17, 2011
Michelle healing Neck pain Apr 28, 2010
Missy healing Cervical spine surgery pending MRI May 15, 2011
Vince healing Bone cancer-reoccurance: 14 yr old Apr 28, 2010
Ray homebound Alzheimer’s disease Apr 28, 2010
Justin military Apr 28, 2010
Tilman military Apr 28, 2010
Danielle thanksgiving Completed 1yr treatment. PET scan NORMAL! Dec 19, 2010
Tim M travel til 6/19 Jun 12, 2011
Lona W healing Apr 28, 2010
Wanda M healing Lupus & Rheumatoid Arthritis Apr 28, 2010 
Noko homebound Apr 28, 2010
Carol guidance Apr 17, 2011
Joy guidance Apr 11, 2011
Rachel guidance court case Jun 12, 2011
Rick guidance Apr 17, 2011
Stephen guidance Jun 12, 2011
Susan guidance Jun 12, 2011
Anna healing dementia 90yr May 8, 2011
Curtis healing Anger management May 29, 2011
Frank healing Apr 11, 2011
Mary healing May 1, 2011
Mike healing May 15, 2011
Richard healing May 29, 2011
Veronica healing Apr 17, 2011
Mary P departed May 25, 2011 
AJ guidance Anger management Jun 12, 2011 
Alan guidance stress in family matters Apr 24, 2011 
Elizabeth Ann guidance May 29, 2011
Kenny P guidance college & family Jun 12, 2011 
Don P guidance Work Jun 12, 2011 
Jack guidance Jun 12, 2011
Jenny guidance Jan 9, 2011
John guidance Jun 13, 2010
Lorraine guidance Bereavement May 2, 2010
Nick guidance School Jun 12, 2011
Tina guidance May 2, 2010
Cheri Y healing Jun 12, 2011 
Dorothea healing Oct 3, 2010
Gilbert healing Nov 21, 2010
Kathy healing Having low platelet count with chemo (cancer) Jun 12, 2011
Kay healing May 15, 2011
Rob healing May 2, 2010
Sandy healing Jun 12, 2011
Susan A healing Jun 12, 2011 
Donny military USAF; RAF Mendenhall, England Jun 12, 2011
Christy, Ray guidance Sep 19, 2010
Cris R guidance Jun 12, 2011
Louis R guidance Jun 12, 2011 
Mark guidance Apr 17, 2011
Mary, Lydia & Sandra B guidance mother passed away ~4/15 Apr 24, 2011 
Alan healing Jan 23, 2011
Curran family healing Jun 12, 2011
Diane healing Jan 23, 2011
Jim healing Sep 19, 2010
Lydia healing May 29, 2011
Marcelino healing Apr 10, 2011
Russ healing Apr 3, 2011
Sandra healing May 29, 2011
Bill S healing knee surgery (4/18) and guidance May 9, 2011
Kay thanksgiving 90 yr: has fully recovered from a stroke May 9, 2011
Alex S guidance Sep 26, 2010
Emilie S guidance Sep 26, 2010 
Mike & Annie thanksgiving home Feb 6, 2011
Steve S guidance family stress Feb 13, 2011 
Cerrus B healing Cancer reoccurance Mar 1, 2010 
Allison healing Dialysis; awaiting kidney transplant May 1, 2010

Monday, May 23, 2011

Prayer Team Announcement

The keeper of this site has left Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity. While he still has great respect and love for the parish and its members, he has chosen to work with a different group.

In the event someone from Alpine Anglican is willing to take over this site ownership of this site will be passed to them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

15 May 2011 - Special Prayer Requests - Third Sunday after Easter

Prayer List Notice – If you have someone on the prayer list and their needs have changed, please let us know. We are loathe to just stop praying, yet some of the entries are a bit long in the tooth. We don’t mind praying, at all. We just want to be praying for what is needed!


Ben and Holly Lizak celebrated their 10th anniversary with us two weeks ago.


Robert Fuller celebrated his 38th birthday with us this week.


Aaron, Traci and Warren are on travel this week.

In need of a miracle or understanding of God’s Plan

Todd and Kenny have both been fighting osteocarcinoma for over five years and have been told their time here on earth is nearing its end, absent a miracle from God. Both are ready to go home and leave the pain, but would like to stay. Please pray for them and their families.

Peaceful Transition

Otis is in hospice care.


Peter Hunter is in hospice palliative care and needs his wife Susan's continuous care. Please pray for peace of mind through trust in our Lord for both of them as Peter passes from this world to his home. Pray also for their friends and family.


Father Will Griffin (Diocese of the West/REC; from Texas) left us early the morning of 10 May after a protracted battle with leukemia. Please pray for the repose of his soul and comfort for family and friends he leaves behind, in particular his wife Karen.

The mother of Sandra and Lydia



Mary, Donna, Betty, Noko, Adelaide, Evelyn, Lorraine, Ellie, Ray (Alzheimer’s Disease)


Marge, Christian, Lois, Ruth, Connie, Tom, Crystal, Thomas, Hadley, Diane, Norm, Gregory, Nancy, Bill (infection), Ernie, Ray, Hazel, Bruce (waiting for heart transplant), Susanne, Ralph+ (prostate cancer; the doctors are at a loss on the decreasing cancer cell count except prayer; please add your thanksgiving to the prayers for healing.), Allison (kidney), Bill (ETOH poisoning and gout), Kai, Jay, Tim, Diane, Amy (Thyroid cancer), Evelyn, Debbie, Lona (shoulders), Paul (stroke), Doris, Charles, Marie (sprained ankle), June (cancer surgery), Susan, David (leg injury), Judy, who suffers from mental illness, is undergoing tests for cancer, Greg, June (cancer), David (leg sprain), Cheri, Ben, Walter (skin cancer), Gabriella (surgery), Curtis, Doyle, Martha, Richard, Ralph+, Jeffrey, Rod, Gary, Mark, Jeffery, Jennifer, Curtis, Steve (cancer), Ashton, Marjorie, Mike G, Dave (knee surgery), Jeffrey (testing), Gary (sepsis; diabetic), Jim (stomach cancer), Kathleen (breast cancer), Mrs. Alvord, Angie, Madge, Jeannie (testing for breast cancer), Ed, Betty, Karl (Healing of his shoulder injury, but not having surgery), Stephen, Curtis; Angie, Madge, Veronica, Carmen, Dave (surgery recovery), Ed S (liver failure), Martin, Pauline, Pat A (Alzheimer’s: things are stable); Charles A (Alzheimer’s: slight improvement in general awareness that he is disappointed not being allowed to drive), Susan, Lillian, Rob, Ken, Marlene, Emma W (Brain tumor), Vivian, Kelly (undergoing test unexpectedly), Veronica, Irith, Shirley, TP, David, Mark, Doris, Mary, Ken, Rick, Mike, Don, Sandy, Fern (healing from fall, but still weak), Louis, Alan P (Stress test for chest pain), Lydia, Terry (Breast Cancer; surgery 3 Aug10), Goodwin Family, Kathy who had surgery for a reoccurrence of cancer, Susan A, Dorothea, Liz F (diabetes and vertigo), Robert, Liz, Jack, Bill, Corina, Liz, Robert, Mark, Paul, Gilbert, Susan, Jeff, Addison, Gene, Kathy (low platelet count due to chemo treatment), Larry F., Bill F. (swelling of ankles), Mabel (stroke), Gabriela G. (terrorist shooting), Chloe, Ryan (abdominal pain), Ronnie, Scott (physical and testing), Alice, Liz, Charles, Vince, Rachel, Fred, Dot, Jim, Frank, Betty, Bert, Ronnie, Patty, Jack, Jenny, Eric, Marty, Chris B, Ellen A (on respirator hopes to be moving to rehabilitation soon), Eunice (Knee replacement), Suzi, Marcelino, Ellen A, Trish, Marty, Dean, Mary, Susan, Coby, Danielle (follow-up mammogram), Nancy, Tony, Linda, Missy, Kay

Steve Sundberg had a heart attack after Easter. Please pray for his complete recovery and for his three children and family who are very worried about him, pray also for his trust in our Lord and for both him and his family to let God carry their worries while he recovers.

Kai Laukkanen, grandson of Bill and Mirjami Laukkanen's grandson, son of Heikki & Casey Laukkanen, born 21 December 2010, has been in the hospital for 3 days in and out of consciousness. He is weak and the cause is unknown, but may be salmonella.

Please pray for our Lord to enfold Kai and his family with his healing power. Let the power of our Lord guide & strengthen the skills of the medical team at the Children's Hospital of Austin, TX to diagnose and provide care to baby Kai. We thank and praise Him for all the grace and wonders that he bestows upon us all.

Madelyn Calvert, 22 Months, for whom we prayed at her birth at 24 weeks and one pound seven ounces, is now in hospital with pneumonia. She is having problems breathing. She seems to feel much better, but still needs oxygen. Please pray for a complete recovery for Madelyn and peace of mind for her family.

Bill Aitken had a full knee replacement on 18 April 2011. He was doing pretty well; then he started doing poorly. The night of 30 April 2010, he went to the hospital and after much testing and ruling out, they decided he had a severe infection, which they say he may have picked up in hospital. Now the infection is taken care of he seems to be healing and gaining strength. Please pray for guidance for the team treating Bill and for his recovery. Pray also for guidance for him and his wife Sara.

Melanie Zimmers has what appears to be a badly bulged disc at C5-C-6 which is causing radiating pain down her right arm and numbness in her thumb and forefinger. Please pray for resolution of her problem and a good attitude while a means to solve the problem is found.

June K has the shingles and did not get appropriate treatment until just recently. Please pray for her peace of mind, comfort and full and rapid recovery.

Hal Campbell underwent apparently successful surgery for a cancerous lesion on the inside of his cheek and the associated lymph node on 7 March 2011, at the VA hospital in Seattle where he will undergo six weeks of follow up Chemo and Radiation treatment to hopefully eradicate and cancerous cells that may remain. Please pray for a successful result and for his acceptance of Christ.

Kyle Thompson, CPL USMC was injured was seriously wounded while on foot patrol in Helmand Province of Afghanistan on 25 October 2010. He has been released to Camp Pendleton on casual status until his medical condition is clear. Likely he will be medically discharged.

You can reach out to him by emailing his father, Mike Thompson, at We may have a new address soon.

Todd Love, CPL USMC was seriously wounded while on foot patrol in Helmand Province of Afghanistan on 25 October 2010. Todd and his squad leader, Kyle Thompson, were hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) during a routine patrol. The IED took both of Todd’s legs and part of his left arm. Pray for peace of mind, courage and healing for Todd. Pray for the medical teams treating him.

Send Todd a note or log on to

Shamim Gray underwent a lumpectomy on Saturday 6 November 2010 at Bethesda Naval Hospital, with apparent great result. Please pray for a complete remission of the cancer. Pray also Shamim will maintain her great attitude and trust in God.

Judith Clingwall, afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), suffered a major setback in her coping with the disease. She is currently in a extended care facility. Please pray for her strength, peace of mind, trust in God and remission of the disease so she might return home to her family. Pray also for strength for her husband Martin as he deals with all the problems and stress of Judith’s situation.

Victor is a senior in declining health who is a non-believer whose trust is in science. He appears to have congestive heart failure, as well as a Urinary Tract Infection and a viral infection in his lungs. He feels terrible and as might be expected is depressed. Please pray for healing for Victor and peace of mind through trust in God for Victor and his wife Karen as well as the rest of his family and friends.

Becky Madden is paralyzed from the neck down as the result of a tragic shooting accident. She has made it home and to church in a new donated magic wheelchair. Please pray for further recovery for Becky, as well as strength and guidance for each of those involved.

Nancy Belk’s breast cancer had been in remission for seven years. It has apparently resurfaced in metastasized into her lungs and her arm. Please pray for treatment that will help her, as well as strength and comfort for both her and her family.

George Seddon woke to excruciating pain the morning of 2 January 2011. Please pray for resolution. He is a pharmacist and church leader in Georgia whose bladder cancer returned spreading to his pelvis a year ago is home after surgery on Monday 29 November 2010.

Please give thanks for George walking and continue to pray for George's complete healing; pray for peace of mind for George, his wife LaVonda, and their children Megan and George III. Their faith is great, but so is their need.

Betty Macauley, Tim’s mom, is currently in a state of failing health. Please pray she will gain interest in life around her and actively pursue life here on earth. Please pray for her family, in particular her son Tim, as they try to help her.

Lauralee underwent a lumpectomy on Friday after Thanksgiving. A further anomaly has been discovered and she had additional preventative radiation treatment. Please pray for a complete remission of the cancer. Pray also Lauralee will maintain her great attitude and trust in God.

Luca, 5 years old, from our church family in Perth, Western Australia, who has just been diagnosed with leukemia. And for his Mum and Dad and extended family.

Jere Wolfe, Melanie Zimmers’ dad, has cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart muscle. The pacemaker installation helped a lot, but he lost ¼ of his weight, so he has to fight his way back. Keep praying for his continued recovery and for him Jere to maintain his trust in the Lord.

Greg Chase asks that you pray for his family:

Diane, Greg’s wife, to see some positive physical signs for the ongoing treatment of her ulcerative colitis, however now she is suffering the effects of shingles

Phyllis, Greg’s mom, to gain physical strength to overcome her frailties after her recent "small" stroke.

Wilma - Healing

Evelyn Hunt is still having difficulty with her medication and other related problems. Please pray the doctor might find the right medication and doses for her treatment. Please pray for God's peace and goodness to surround her.

Wanda M is still out of work due to her Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Please pray for her complete and rapid recovery, as well as her to keep her spirits up while she gets better.

Vince (age 13), reoccurrence of cancer, recent testing found a nickel sized tumor in his lungs. The doctors are consulting with a specialist in Houston. Please pray for guidance for the medical team and for peace of mind for Vince and his family.

Lee Thomas is in assisted living after a stroke and after a limited recovery. Lee is doing a tad better with his speech, but his balance is so bad he cannot walk unassisted even with his walker. There are times when he knows what is going on around him and with family, etc. but other times when nothing seems to register. It's very sad for him. He wants to be home, he cannot live there safely. Please pray for Lee, his family, and the care staff. Please pray for Lee, Sandy and their children to maintain their trust in God and to look towards Him for guidance. Pray also for the medical team treating Lee that God might guide and direct their assessment and treatment.

Vicky developed a brain aneurysm a year and a half ago. Vicky is home and making progress. She is now walking without a cane, which is real progress. However, the gains on her thought process are much slower. Her husband ran into a store and told her to just wait in the car for him; within a couple of minutes he saw her wandering through the front door. He's now keeping the car keys hidden. She repeats anything she tells you several times in the same conversation. She's come an incredibly long way but still has a long way to go.

Please pray for Vicky’s recovery and for peace of mind for her husband Doug and family, that they might keep their trust in the Lord.

Obra Gray continues to take day by day. Please continue to keep Obra in your prayers, and give him the strength of knowing the Lord is with him and will never forsake him. Obra needs security of what lies ahead of him, and only the Lord can grant the solace to answer his prayer.

Cerrus, daughter in law of Hy, has had a relapse of her cancer. Please pray for a successful treatment and remission.

David is suffering from shingles and asks that we pray for a remission of the symptoms and a return to normalcy.

Jimmy had a stroke along with triple bypass heart surgery. Miney Farrell asks you pray for his recovery and positive frame of mind during his recovery.

Annie S continues her recovery from the kidney transplant and is doing incredibly well! Please give thanks for the great progress to date and pray for continued recovery.

Bashir Ahmed, father of Shamim Gray, has been blessed with the Lord's breath of life to stay on this earth for the time being. But, things are hard for him and his loving wife, who cares for him. They have two young nieces living with them who see no real need to help, pray for God to enter their hearts. Above all, pray for his entire family to open their hearts to accept all God’s love will bring them.

Mary Parker is currently in rehabilitation to learn to walk properly again. Please pray for a positive attitude for her and a great result.

Miney Farrell has pain and weakness in her leg. She asks that you pray for strength to work hard on physical exertion required to regain her strength. She also thanks God for the wonderful people she lives with.

Lorraine Winkles is dealing with the arthritis, but her shingles have resurfaced. She asks your prayer in dealing with the accompanying discomfort.

Kay Denton (Mrs. Kay) is still home and doing pretty well considering the bones in her neck and hands are degenerating as a side effect of her kidney failure. Her thumbs are not particularly useful any more. Mrs. Kay asks everyone who is praying for her know how grateful she is for their prayers. As always, she retains her trust in the Lord and her positive attitude.


June D, Adam, Tom, Mary, Lloyd & Jennifer to be guided to a church

Breyana, Vie, Asha, Cory, Heather, William, Phil, Rick, Curtis, Donny, Chris, Keith (job decision), Sara (God's grace and His patience), Mark, Alexandra, Perlita, Lewis, Susie, Dru, Jack, Tina, William, Christina, Tuck, Jeff, Christiana (God’s grace), Errin, Elizabeth, Brandon, Steven, Ashley, Betty who is considering moving into an assisted living home, Nick, Pat, Caroline, Stephen, Greg (vocation guidance and training for the diaconate), Stephanie, Richard, Daniel, Sheryl, Edward, Jeannie, Rachel, Mikaela, Patrick, Mary (adoption); Ashley (job); Curt; Steven (strength); Vanessa H (trust), Jackie (God's grace), Jennifer, Virginia, Jeanie (upset over her husband's cancer problems), Curt (Still providing care for his wife, Jacque, who is undergoing chemotherapy), Emilie, Stephen, Daniel S, Jan, Tamera (her house is being taken by eminent domain and is in settlement phase; pray for a fair settlement), Rachel, Stephen, Paul, Alan P (to control his feelings), Cris, Lesa, Kenny, Carmen, Jeff, Jane (Bereavement of Caroline's death), Elizabeth B (Graduation from High School; preparation for Point Loma Nazarene), Kenny P (Graduation from High School), John, Cole, Gabe, Toni as she sorts out the affairs of her sister Terri who passed away intestate, Christy, Ray, Alan (stress in family matters), Kenny (dealing with not being able to physically qualify for the Coast Guard), Sol F, Alex, Emilie, Delores, Will, Vinnie, Colleen and family, Maureen and family, Billy, Barbie, Robert, Terry, Tony, Sue (husband passed away after a long illness), June, Veronica, Richard, Ryan, Karen F., Toni, Carmen, Vince, Vicki, Rick, Anthony, Salvatore, Danielle to be guided to God, Marcella, Mark, Stephen, Richard, Jenny, Beth, Byron, Hector, Virginia, Nick, Nancy (legal proceeding), Rachel, Stephen, Susan, Hap, Don, Keith, Virginia R, Joy, Steve, Betty, Eric, Mary, Terry, Fausto, Leticia, Russ, Scott, Jenny, Lupe, Patty, Neson, Stephen, Ashely, Barbie, Billy, Katrina, Marty, Medaline, Norma, Patty, Gayle (divorce), Veronica, Stephen, Elizabeth (Financial Aid deadline missed; deciding what to do next term), Veronica, Larry, Stephanie, Alex

Steve asks that you pray for difficulties he is having with his family. Please pray that the Holy Ghost will enter into his heart and provide him with the heaven sent inspiration that he needs to see clearly and deal with problems and the courage to do what needs to be done in the manner it should be done.

Louis is in need of God's guidance and direction. Please pray that Louis might see God’s outstretched hand to him and guide him in all he does.

Mark Thomas is in need of God's guidance and direction. Please pray that Mark might take note God’s outstretched hand to him and accept his guidance in all he does.

Ali is searching for spiritual meaning; may the Holy Ghost guide those around her to help her in coming to Christ.

Jacquie to open her heart to God and accept His Love and Grace.

Noriene for God's comfort as she mourns her mother and for her to turn to God for His healing.

Paul S asked everyone to give thanks that his doctor is adjusting his medication for severe schizophrenia.

Hap asks you to pray that he might be able to trust God will help him make the right decisions at the right time and not to worry uselessly and that he will open his heart to the Holy Ghost.

Guidance and Protection

Christina, Sarah

Economic Guidance and Assistance

Keith has been unable to find any full-time work since his custom home drafting business of 25 years really dropped off last year. He is working as a handyman, doing tile work, painting, home repairs, etc. Pray also for God's peace to comfort them and for His leading and wisdom to be very evident to them.

To Find Employment, Housing and Other Needs

Jack has been laid off from his job as a construction manager in East San Diego County; due to the economy jobs in the field are hard to find. Please pray that Jack will find a job, not necessarily in the construction, that will allow him to use his considerable skills and talents to make his new employer more successful; guide him and his family is this difficult time.

Peter, Keith and Kevin each to find a job that will allow them to use their skill and talent to make their new employer more successful.

Armed Forces & Contractors

Tillman, Justin, RJ, Matt, Phillip, Julian, John Kelly (USN - USS Ronald Reagan), Evan (USMC-Afghanistan), Stuart (USMC-Afghanistan), Airman Donny Patton (RAF Mildenhall, UK), Josh (USCG), Julian (USMC), Jordan (USMC – AIT), Neal (USN-Afghanistan), Trevor (USAF - KC-10 Boom Operator), Trevor (USN – Pilot Training),


Around the world, Christians are under attack, not only in the Muslim world, but from Hindus and others in India. Also, they are under continual attack in the name of “Separation of Church and State” in the western world, as it becomes actively atheist or pro-devil buddy. Please pray for God’s guidance and protection for all persecuted Christians and those around them.


Bill who has battled a drinking problem which has adversely impacted his life and the lives of those around him has not had a drink in three weeks. For that he and his family give particular thanks.

Kay, age 90, who had a stroke in March 2011 has completely recovered and only now has residual tiredness so she is only out and about for ½ of each day rather than all day. She thanks everyone who kept her in their prayers. She is very special to Sara.

Chelsea, age 17, was hit by a car while walking home from a friend's house the night of 19 February 2011. She hit the windshield of the car then went over the back onto the pavement. Badly injured, she has had an uphill battle. But, thanks be to God Chelsea has finished rehab and is walking on her injured leg without any support or any pain! She still has some double vision, which the doctors are optimistic about it going away. She has glasses with a prism that allows her to read. She also has some short-term memory loss, but doctors are hopeful it will improve as the brain heals. Please pray God will continue to guide Chelsea, her parents Rick and Tina and the medical team treating her.

Various Special Requests

We ask that you pray, please ask God that the Holy Ghost might give you insight into how you might make the lives of your friends and family better. Remember helping others is not just those who you don’t know!

Please join us in praying for God to fill us with the Holy Ghost, even if (or maybe particularly if) we need Him shoved down our throats, to provide inspiration to grow our little church to the glory of God. Our numbers are building slowly; we need God’s inspiration to figure out where to go next or keep on keeping on. Please pray we will open our heart to the gentle prodding of the Holy Ghost; and not do what we have always done expecting a different result.

Please join us in praying that the Free Teen Guitar Class will be continue to be an opportunity for God to work in the lives of the kids and their families. Please ask God to guide the class to new opportunities to make Him known to others. Help us to let the love of our Lord shine through us into their lives, putting Him first, so that He might enter in to their hearts and lives.