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Sunday, September 7, 2008

7 September 2008 - Special Prayer Requests - Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

Aaron, Traci and Warren are on travel this week.
Richard and Cathie are on travel this week.

Walter, Alice Acker’s uncle, passed away, his funeral is Tuesday, 2 September 2008. Of your Christian charity, pray for the repose of his soul and comfort for his family who remain here on earth.


Betty, Annie (diabetes), Salvador (cancer), Betty, Marge, Uni, Karl, Christian, Marie, Wanda, Frank+ (brain tumor), Lois, Jennette (Alzheimer’s), Gary, Delores, Anna, Ruth, Melanie, Connie, Tom, Crystal, Thomas, Hadley, Diane, Norm, Gregory, Terri, Mary, Carmen, Yolanda, Jodi, Ken, Sheila, Nancy, Leucrecia (cancer), Michele, Marybeth (broken foot, stroke), Bill (infection), Teiko, Ernie, Ray, Betty, Hazel, Bruce (heart attack), Susanne, Paul (stroke), Ralph+ (eyes hip), Allison (kidney), Bill (ETOH poisoning)
, Joy, Kai, Jay, Tim, Diane, Amy (Thyroid cancer), Jim (pancreatic cancer), Lise (peritoneal cancer), Joy, Martha, Evelyn, Sheryal, Kenny (eye surgery)

Vince (12 yrs) who has bone cancer (a teammate of Andrew B)

Mary Parker has gone home from Sharp Memorial. She is still in the recovery process and in need to continued prayer. Please pray also for her family who are very concerned for her.

Alice, friend of Fran Dexter, had lung cancer and surgery five years ago and has been in remission. After she started coughing up blood, radiological testing found a spot on her lung. She underwent surgery on 5 September 2008, which apparently went well. Fran asks in particular you pray for peace of mind for both Alice and Rick that they might put their trust in God.

Kenny, who is to have eye surgery.

Denise, Father Acker's sister-in-law's niece, is in her early 30's and has started to have numbness in fingertips and toes. There was a concern she might have Multiple Sclerosis. Tests were done on 8 August 2008 and came back negative. They also did secondary tests for cancer cells that came back negative. They think she has carpel tunnel in her wrists and possibly needs some dental work for the numbness in her fingers and facial area. All the prayers are much appreciated, and we thank God for the wonderful test results.

Joshua Hamilton remains in SICU. He fell out of a car the morning of 27 July 2008. He sustained a closed head injury and potential spinal cord injuries. Joshua has undergone three surgeries to relieve pressure on his brain. He was in an induced coma, the coma inducing medication has been discontinued. He has not yet awakened. After his most recent surgery, he is now less responsive than previously. We are praying for God’s miraculous intervention and to do those things best for Joshua in his life with God. Please continue to pray for his wife, Tulani, and two children, Isaiah & Keanu, and of course his mom, Jo Ann, and his James brother who is in our FTGC, asking for God’s presence and comfort.

George, husband of LaVonda and friend of Susanne Barrett, whose bladder cancer has returned. George, the husband of my friend LaVonda, has been going through chemo after the recurrence of his bladder cancer. They are Christians who live in northern Georgia, and LaVonda has been such a prayer support for me when Susanne’s been ill. Saturday morning LaVonda e-mailed with this information:

George became very confused, the most he has ever been last night after we woke him up to bring him home from the hospital after the hydration was finished. He was completely talking out of his head. I don't know if this is normal for chemo after-effects or if it is because of kidney function being off and having toxins building up in his system. We have to go back today for more tests & more hydration, and we're hoping to come back home later today, but as of now I am unsure if he will be admitted. I didn't put all of this on the CaringBridge page because so many of the hospital employees read there also.

LaVonda is now talking to Carmen (Caroline's mom).

Specifically, you are asked to pray for:
• George to not react so strongly to the chemo;
• Not be so ill after each treatment;
• To be able to maintain, if not gain, weight;
• For his complete healing from the cance;
• For LaVonda as she cares for him with no outside help;
• For their children, Megan and George III, as they struggle with their dad's illness.
• George is becoming very discouraged so please pray for the peace and hope that are in Christ Jesus to fill his heart, no matter how much his body is suffering.

Glenn Finch – is awake and walking. Glenn was discharged this Thursday! He will be living with Ron and Caralie for awhile. Since he needs 24 hour supervision and help, we will be getting trained this Wednesday by the therapy team. Though we are thrilled to be there for him, it's a bit scary and overwhelming. Someone suggested that we set up a resource calendar defining all his needs, in case there are those who would like to help. So that's what we are doing. It will be on; type in ID number - 6351 and Code - 7647 to get to Glenn's calendar. I'm working on it, so give me a day or so.

Also, if you would like to be a helper in any way, please send me your name, email address and phone number so we can begin a file. Send to Glenn will need rides to and from rehab 5 days a week; meals; TLC visits; people to help him with his therapy homework on the weekends; people to hang out with him, errands, etc. Glenn's Mom, Ron and I really will need some help I think.

Please pray that insurance will give Glenn an outpatient rehab agenda that will last longer than a month so that he can get the most out of this crucial time to work on all the parts of his brain. Thanks for your continued thoughts, prayers and care. Caralie

Evelyn Hunt is just not feeling right. She has generalized shaking, pressure in her head, blurred vision, nausea and fatigue. Although she has undergone many tests, they have not been able to determine the cause of the problem. She goes back to the doctor on Tuesday for more results. Please pray for a determination of the cause of her problems, a cure and a cessation of the symptoms.

Miney Farrell has had pain and weakness in her leg that has been limiting her activity.

Lorraine Winkles is still dealing with shingles (now over 21 months). The level of discomfort varies but the condition is persisting.

Lona Walsh is in significant discomfort, but it looks like it is not Lupus. A recent MRI indicates she needs shoulder surgery on both sides, not great news, but much better than Lupus. She hopes for more information shortly, in the mean time, she asks that you continue your prayers for healing.

Kay Denton (Mrs. Kay) – is home from the hospital now, though she continues to have with heart, kidney and lung difficulties with fluid buildup on the lungs and what may be a form of septic arthritis. She is doing much better. Every so often she has a flare-up of the severe shoulder pain, accompanied by chills and shivering- but the last time it happened was much relieved by Cortisone injections. Also, please pray for her to maintain her positive attitude. As always, she retains her trust in the Lord, she thankful to get her positive attitude back. Pray also for Mrs. Kay’s family and her close friend Len who are under great stress that they might also keep their trust in the Lord. 

 Mrs. Kay sent the Prayer Team a card and asks that everyone who is praying for her know how grateful she is for their prayers.

Nicole Ethridge - age 27, mother of two - Has a form of liver disease, which is causing her liver to shut down. She is near dialysis and would like you to pray for her disease to go into remission so that she can keep off dialysis and avoid a liver transplant. She asks that you pray for her continued faith and good spirits, as well as strength to take care of her children.

Caroline (age 10, leukemia recurrence) Update on Caroline from Caroline's mom, Carmen, 28 August 2008:

This has been quite an eventful week. It has been filled with joy and concern. Caroline is doing quite well. Her platelets and hemoglobin have both made very nice increases and she is in the normal range with both of those! Her liver enzymes have also continued to drop, but are still on the elevated side. Thank you to everyone who has been praying. One area of significant concern is her white blood cell count. It has skyrocketed. Dr. Rosenthal is not too concerned and assures us that this happens sometimes as the new marrow is trying to equalize. However, it is definitely something he is keeping an eye on. We are praying that her white blood cell count comes down to the normal range and that she is cured and rid of the leukemia.

Lloyd & Jennifer, Bob to be guided to a church
Ashley, Breyana, Vie, Asha, Cory, Heather, Holly, Ken, Maruja, Jerry, Martha, Matt, Marci, Nicholas, Carmen, Mary, John, William, Joe, Alexander, Jonathan, Phil, Sandy, Larraine, Brad, Brian, Uni, Jennifer, Greg, Margie, Phyllis, Walter, Rick, Carol, Susan, Curtis, Stephen, Donny, Chris, Eric (job), Andrew, Keith (job decision), Sara, Mark, Alexandra, Nelson, Perlita, Lewis, Sam & Susie

Sara, a good friend of John an old family friend of the Ackers. Sara has two small children and an abusive ex-husband. The ex-husband took the children and Sara is in court trying to get them back. The custody of her children is going to mediation (9/9/08). She has appreciated the prayers and is asking for the decision to be in the best interest of the children. Sara asks you pray that God’s will for these children will be realized and they will be put in the best custody situation possible. Please pray for God’s guidance in the lives of the ex-husband, John and Sara and that they might hear Him.

Guidance and Protection

Economic Guidance and Assistance
St. Andrew’s Academy (Lake Almanor, CA) Father Brian Foos (headmaster) – Please pray for help and guidance for the school, which is under severe pressure from economic down turn. 
 You can pray and turn your heart towards this problem. If you can do something concrete to help them, contact Father Acker.

Eric and Eric both to find a job that will allow them to use their skill and talent to make their new company more successful.

Sonny and Carol have lost their business, their home is in foreclosure. Please pray that they might find an opportunity for gainful employment where they can use their talents to make a positive impact on the world

Please pray for Kevin in the UK. He has been looking for a job for a long time and is 52. Please pray he might find an opportunity for gainful employment where he can use his talents to make a positive impact on the world. Please pray also for his family, in particular his wife Beverley, that they might open their hearts and minds to God’s guidance for their future.

Homebound/Aged and Infirm
Mary, Donna, Betty, Noko, Adelaide, Evelyn, Lorraine, Ellie

Armed Forces & Contractors
Tillman, Justin, Evan, Jim, RJ, Matt, Phillip, Julian, Joe (USAF - Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait), John Kelly (USS Ronald Reagan)

Anglican Communion
Archbishop Peter Akinola, the head of the GAFCON Primates’ Council has asked us to pray for our Anglican Communion. Specifically during September to December, we are bidden to pray for:

1. Guidance of the Holy Spirit upon the GAFCON Primates Council that they may be united in their leadership for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

2. Upholding the Bible as authoritative for the life, faith, and conduct of all Christians

3. Remaining faithful in the central task of the Church to mission and evangelism, saving the lost, bringing life and health to the poor and needy

4. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit to bring renewal, revival and transformation of individuals, communities, and societies

5. Anglicans to focus upon God’s agenda set forth in Scripture, God’s authority as given by Jesus Christ, and God’s mission in saving sinners and by the Holy Spirit turning them into saints

6. The setting aside all other agendas, that Jesus alone be Lord

Original Text follows -----------
----- Original Message -----
From: GAFCON@anglican-mainstreamnet
Subject: GAFCON Prayer Request
To: All GAFCON Participants & All Church, Diocesan and Provincial Intercessors


Grace and peace from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Praise and glory be to the One who was, the One who is and the One who sits on the throne for ever and ever. Amen.

The Primate of all Nigeria, the Most Rev. Peter Jasper Akinola has been moved in his spirit to call on all intercessors throughout the world to seek God's face fervently, spending nights and days on our knees, praying earnestly for our Anglican Communion. At his instigation, we therefore bring before you the first of a series of quarterly Prayer Bulletins, and ask that you join us in praying for the following:

1. Pray for a Spirit-led, united leadership for the GAFCON Primates Council, that they may remain faithful to the teachings of the Bible, steadfast in promoting the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and uncompromising in the pursuit of the truth of the word of God and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Also pray for the GAFCON Theological Resource Group and the GAFCON Leadership team that they may remain faithful, focused and not distracted.

2. Lift up before the throne of grace the Jerusalem Statement, which represents the collective mind of the participants at GAFCON, as revealed by the Holy Spirit, that this statement may be a guide in the pursuit of the two fundamental resolutions of GAFCON, i.e. :

a. that the Bible be upheld as the final authority for the life, faith and conduct of all believers;

b. that mission and evangelism, saving the lost, bringing life and health to the poor and needy, remain the main tasks of the church.

3. Pray earnestly for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit powerfully to bring about renewal, revival and transformation of lives, communities and environments.

4. Pray for a clear focus for the Anglican Church to pursue God's agenda from Scripture, God's authority as given by Jesus Christ, and God's mission in saving sinners and turning them to saints through the work of the Holy Spirit. Pray sincerely that all other agendas be lost, and Jesus alone be Lord.

We count it a privilege to be called upon for this great task in the vineyard of the Lord.

The Lord be with you ,

+Most Rev. Dr. Benjamin A. Kwashi

Archbishop of Jos and Co-ordinator GAFCON Prayer Teams

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