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Friday, February 20, 2009

20 February 2009 - Special Prayer Requests

Repose of the Soul
Hugo Johnson, Sandy Patton’s grandfather, and Nick and Donny’s great grandfather, passed away last week. They have been fortunate to have had regular contact with their families throughout the year. The Pattons ask your prayers for Hugo and their family and friends who remain behind and will miss Hugo dearly. In particular they ask your prayers for Hugo’s wife Lorraine whose life was so intertwined with his.

Nearing the time of her time here on earth
Judy Reisor is near the time of her time here on earth. Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are traveling to be near her as she transitions from this world to home with our Lord. Please pray for her, that she might make her passing in the certain knowledge of God’s love for her through our Lord Jesus Christ and that she and her family might grow closer to God and each other during the time they have left here on earth. Grant the family safe travel to join their mother at her transition. May they concentrate on their future together and not on their temporary separation.

Sickness and Strength
Barbara Harris has advanced Alzheimer’s Disease and numerous circulation problems, the most recent a blood clot in her leg. Her son asks that you pray for her to make the best of her time here on earth and ease her transition to home with our Lord. Please pray also for Ken and Carol Harris as they do their very best to take care of her.

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