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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 September 2009 - Special Prayer Requests

Jan had eye surgery and is home recovering. Please give thanks for the successful surgery and pray for her complete healing.

Danielle’s neck surgery to remove lymph nodes and damaged tissue was successful. She is now having complications from the surgery with continued bleeding which put her back in the hospital for a few days. This may affect the start date for her beginning radiation treatment. Please give thanks for a successful surgery and pray for cessation of bleeding, a rapid recovery and successful radiation treatment. Pray also for peace of mind for Danielle and her family.

Jimmy had a stroke along with triple bypass heart surgery. Miney Farrell asks that you pray for his recovery and positive frame of mind during his recovery.

Baby Chase is undergoing additional surgical procedures. His friends and family ask that you pray Christ's peace and presence surround David, Erika, Reese and baby Chase in the days ahead.

Miney Farrell celebrates her 94th birthday 16 September 2009. Please join her in giving thanks for a good year gone by and ask God to give her a good year ahead.

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