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Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 February 2010 - Special Prayer Request

Rede Acker, Father Acker’s mom, broke her leg the morning of 12 February 2010, just above where she had a knee replacement.  She underwent surgery the morning of 14 February 2010, at Kaiser Hospital near her home in Colorado.  While she would much rather have been in church, the surgery was a complete success. The break was lateral down to the artificial joint.  They were concerned, but were able to repair the break with a plate and eight screws without disturbing the artificial joint.  Please give thanks for the wonderful result and great work by the medical team treating her. Since the surgery, Rede is making slow, but apparently steady, progress. She is now able to stand and is much better at conversation.  More very good news in that an opening came up at the Life Care Facility just a few miles from her home for her rehabilitation work, so her husband Jack will not have so far to travel to be with her.  Please give thanks for her progress and continue to pray for her rapid and complete recovery.

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