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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

16 December 2008 - Special Prayer Request

Arla, Walt Dexter’s younger sister, passed away the afternoon of 15 December 2008, while in hospice care. Her two children, Debbie and Cindy, have been with their mother. She is now happy in the love of God and her Lord Jesus Christ and has made her transition in peace. Pray also for her family who remain here on earth, in particular Walt, that they might be able to put their cares and worries aside for the moment and focus on God’s love for their mother; as well as her love for them. May they concentrate on the unity and not on the temporary separation.

Mary Parker is home and walking all around the house, as far as her 50 foot oxygen lead will let her. She does physical therapy every day and is eating very well! She is enjoying reading books and the newspaper again!

 She is improving on a daily basis! Her recovery is truly a God given miracle. Please give thanks for her great recovery and continue to pray for her progress.

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