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Thursday, April 16, 2009

16 April 2009 - Special Prayer Request

Daniel Needham 17 year old son of missionaries Tom and Barb in Cameroon had been diagnosed with walking pneumonia. That diagnosis was incorrect. He has not improved, too thin, has pains and weak with off and on low grade fevers. Daniel had major back surgery nearly 3 years ago to correct a spinal problem. What has apparently happened now is that bacteria has attached itself to the metal hardware and cannot be treated with antibiotics. He will most likely undergo surgery very soon to remove the rods and screws that were put in earlier. This is major surgery and will take some time for recovery. Barb and Daniel arrived in Denver late last night and will see an orthopedic surgeon this morning. I plan to join them when the surgery is scheduled. We hope we can come back to Cameroon by June, if possible. Please be in faithful prayer for Daniel. The Needhams are completely trusting in the Lord for a successful outcome. Daniel wants to be a missionary.

Scott Howell is having significant back pain and numbness in his leg. Please pray for a successful diagnosis of the source of his pain and a successful treatment for the problem. Pray also he will remain of good cheer while in pain. Chronic pain can make one less than pleasant to be around. Scott is such a joy to be with, we pray he will be able to accept God’s help while awaiting medical assistance so that he keeps a good attitude.

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