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Monday, April 12, 2010

12 April 2010 - Special Prayer Requests

Rede Acker, Father Acker’s mom, is recovering from her broken leg, just above where she had a knee replacement.  She has made great progress and is scheduled to go back to the Skill Center for more intensive physical and occupational therapy on Wednesday. Please pray the transfer goes smoothly and she makes good progress in her rehabilitation.  This is a very highly rated facility she was in earlier and seems like good news indeed!  Please pray for Rede’s continued physical recovery and that both Rede and Jack will keep their great faith and trust in God’s help.


Vicky developed a brain aneurysm, which ruptured the morning of 28 October 2009.  She has moved to a rehabilitation facility which specializes in brain injury patients and seems to be making progress.  

Vicky with her son, Ian, and daughter-in-law, Blair, who will make Vicky a first time grandmother in June.

Sunday, April 11, 2010 9:54 PM, MDT

This was an extraordinary weekend. Vicky and I took three drives in the car, had a picnic in the park and watched a movie and the end of the Rockie's game together. But wait... there's more!

Vicky has been talking up a storm. She not only answers questions with an authoritative, confident and reasonably accurate response, she'll add embellishments that frankly make the conversation a whole new experience.

I sort of find this to be alot like if you were awakened from a sound sleep and are still sort of living the dream you were having. Maybe it's like sleepwalking. It's really fascinating to listed to how she's planning things, has had make-believe conversations with people and is connecting places and events that all have a fundamental basis in fact and reality, but tend to make no sense. (not at all unlike listening to Obama attempt to convince us all he has a clue - if you'll permit that analogy). She's pretty much unable to reflect on recent events but comes up with bunches of stuff from archival history and experience we all can identify with.

I know this is a temporary affiction and probably has a lot to do with the drugs she's being given to keep her alert. The difference in her basic verbal abilities in just the past few days is exceptional. I can only hope the "Alice in Wonderland" part of this goes away soon. It's hard, but still kind of fun, to play into the conversation. I find that I can plant a seed early in one of these discussions that will bear fruit later in the same conversation. For all I know she's just screwing with me. I just like to hear her weak little voice after so much time of silence.

Her legs are getting stronger. She's using both hands and arms about equally. Her posture is much better and she has a gleam in her eye. Most encouraging is she's getting her stubborn disposition back. She's always been prone to argue her stance on a subject. She's back!

I asked her today if she was ready to go home and she was very convincing that she was. I asked her what it was going to take to make that happen and she said there was only one person who could make that happen. Her response to "who might that be" was "myself". Tell me, do you see a whole bunch of Vicky in that statement?

I also asked her if it was OK for me to go back home and leave her for a while and she said she would hope I'd leave. I don't know what to make of that.

I had a great weekend. Hope you did too.

All the best to everyone, Doug 

Please pray for Vicky’s recovery and for peace of mind for her family, that they might keep their trust in the Lord.


Obra continues to take day by day, and had a wonderful uplifting week, when his youngest son, Obra Gray, wife Shamim and three grandchildren, visited him over the Eastertide.   Please God give Obra the peace in his heart he needs, and pray for him to believe the almighty Lord will hold onto him, and not let go until he is in the Lord's arms.  Obra needs security of what lies ahead of him, and only the Lord can grant the solace to answer his prayer.


Bashir Ahmed, father of Shamim Gray, and father in law of Commander Gray for whom we prayed for while he was deployed in Iraq, and on various carrier deployments, has been blessed with the Lord's breath of life to stay on this earth for the time being.  Bashir has not left his house for the past six months, and would love for the Lord to give him strength to move freely enough so he can leave his four walls, and once again enjoy the freedom of what lies outside his current domain.   We also pray Bashir is not upset when he loses his mental faculties, and is unable to understand what is happening to him.  God has a plan for everyone, and please pray Bashir is part of God's blessed plan. Finally, please also pray for Bashir's wife, Sorraya, who spends her entire day and night time, taking care of her partner, despite suffering from terrible arthritic pains to her hands and legs.  Sincerely, without our Lord, we would be lost.  Shamim keeps her faith in the Lord.  Above all, pray for his entire family to open their hearts to accept all God’s love will bring them.


Louis is having surgery on Monday for facial reconstruction after an assault. He needs our prayers for God's guidance and direction as well.


Karl is in ICU with a ruptured colon.


Carol and Rick, Muriel Pappin’s daughter and son-in-law, were in a motorcycle accident. They were banged up, but are now both home and healing. Please pray for their continued recovery and also give prayers of thanks that they were not more seriously injured.

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