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Thursday, April 22, 2010

22 April 2010 - Special Prayer Request

Carl, Susanne Barrett’s dad had chest pains while visiting Hawaii, he needs a stent in one of his arteries, which will be done tomorrow.  Please pray for a successful procedure with no complications.  Carl does not have a relationship with Christ, so please pray for him to see that he needs Jesus--he's a self-made man who has always been able to do everything himself. Susanne’s husband sent him some Christian materials earlier this week, so please pray what was shared with Carl will resonate with him and draw him to Christ.

Michelle Cannariato (a former student of Susanne Barrett) has what appears to be a benign tumor in her heart.  Michelle married Nick Cannariato this past Saturday; that evening, after they arrived at their hotel, Michelle had a stroke. She had a stroke, in a deep part of her brain, affecting her right side.  The doctor termed the size of the stroke as "medium." As you may imagine, a stroke for a 20 year old is very unusual, the golf ball sized tumor in the heart is also unusual.  Anyway, as soon as Michelle recovers from the stroke, they will do open heart surgery at Scripps-La Jolla.  Please pray for peace of mind for Michelle and Nick and guidance for the medical team. 

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