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Sunday, December 5, 2010

5 December 2010 - Special Prayer Requests - Second Sunday in Advent

Prayer List Notice – If you have someone on the prayer list and their needs have changed, please let us know. We are loathe to just stop praying, yet some of the entries are a bit long in the tooth. We don’t mind praying, at all. We just want to be praying for what is needed!


Sandy and Don Patton celebrated their 24th anniversary with us eight weeks ago.


Jack Arnold celebrated his 18th birthday three weeks ago.


Walt and Fran are on travel this week.

Won is on travel to Korea.

In memory of those who have gone before us

Malcom Pappin who left us for home on 1 December 1999, beloved of our Muriel.

ALMIGHTY God, we remember this day before thee thy faithful servant Malcom, and we pray thee that, having opened to him the gates of larger life, thou wilt receive him more and more into thy joyful service; that he may win, with thee and thy servants everywhere, the eternal victory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Peaceful Transition

Otis is in hospice care.


Ruth is in home hospice care.

Francisco Mier is nearing the end of his time here on earth, after a long and hard fought battle with cancer, there is nothing further medically that can be done. Pray for an acceptable passage from this world to home for Francisco, for peace of mind and trust in God for his family: his wife Rebeca and his children, in particular his daughter Lorena with whom he has been staying.

Peter Hunter is in hospice palliative care and needs his wife Susan's continuous care. Please pray for peace of mind through trust in our Lord for both of them as Peter passes from this world to his home. Pray also for their friends and family.


Nancy Bologna passed away the morning of 21 November 2010, as the result of a brain tumor and stroke. Please pray for the repose of her soul and for peace of mind for her family as they of necessity remain behind.

Poli Flores, Mary Lou Ruiz’ father) passed away on 12 November 2010 in El Centro. Please pray for the repose of his soul and for peace of mind for his family as they of necessity remain behind. In particular pray for his daughter Mary Lou as she adjusts to her father being gone from this earth.


Mary, Donna, Betty, Noko, Adelaide, Evelyn, Lorraine, Ellie, Ray (Alzheimer’s Disease)


Marge, Karl, Christian, Lois, Jennette (Alzheimer’s), Ruth, Connie, Tom, Crystal, Thomas, Hadley, Diane, Norm, Gregory, Nancy, Bill (infection), Ernie, Ray, Hazel, Bruce (gall bladder surgery this month; waiting for heart transplant), Susanne, Ralph+ (prostate cancer; the doctors are at a loss on the decreasing cancer cell count except prayer; please add your thanksgiving to the prayers for healing.), Allison (kidney), Bill (ETOH poisoning and gout), Kai, Jay, Tim, Diane, Amy (Thyroid cancer), Evelyn, Debbie, Lona (shoulders), Paul (stroke), Doris, Charles, Marie (sprained ankle), June (cancer surgery), Susan, Jeff, David (leg injury), Judy, who suffers from mental illness, is undergoing tests for cancer, Greg, June (cancer), David (leg sprain), Cheri, Ben, Walter (skin cancer), Gabriella (surgery), Curtis, Doyle, Martha, Richard, Ralph+, Jeffrey, Rod, Gary, Mark, Jeffery, Jennifer, Curtis, Steve (cancer), Ashton, Marjorie, Mike G, Dave (knee surgery), Karl (shoulder surgery), Jeffrey (testing), Gary (sepsis; diabetic), Jim (stomach cancer), Jeanette (Alzheimer’s), Kathleen (breast cancer), Mrs. Alvord, Angie, Madge, Betty (Healing from cancer. Betty has completed her chemotherapy after her surgery), Jeannie (testing for breast cancer), Ed, Betty, Karl (Healing of his shoulder injury, but not having surgery), Phil (Thanksgiving for his having received a pacemaker. Phil is suffering from renal failure and other complications), Dave (We had been praying for healing from a tumor. It now may require surgery), Jacque (Healing of her rare form of cancer. It is her second recurrence), Jeannie (cancer tests), Sarah, Stephen, Curtis; Angie, Madge, Veronica, Carmen, Alice, Dave (surgery recovery), Ed S (liver failure), Greg D (leg injury. Greg is making good progress still using a knee brace; Thanksgiving for the progress and requests continued healing), Martin, Pauline, Pat A (Alzheimer’s: things are stable); Charles A (Alzheimer’s: slight improvement in general awareness that he is disappointed not being allowed to drive), Maurice (in ICU with a congenital disease), Susan, Lillian, Rob, Ken, Marlene, Emma W (Brain tumor), Vivian, Kelly (undergoing test unexpectedly), Veronica, Irith, Shirley, TP, David, Mark, Doris, Mary, Ken, Rick, Mike, Don, Sandy, Fern (Broken arm & pelvis from a fall; bedridden & pain; Back in hospital), Louis, Alan P (Stress test for chest pain), Lydia, Burton (neurological back pain), Terry (Breast Cancer; surgery 3 Aug10), Goodwin Family, Kathy who had surgery for a reoccurrence of cancer, Susan A, Dorothea, Liz F (diabetes and vertigo), Robert, John, Liz, Jack, Bill, Corina, Liz, Robert, Mark, Paul, Terry, Liz & Bill (flu), June (bronchitis), Muriel (bronchitis), Gilbert, Susan, Jeff

Kyle Thompson, CPL USMC was injured was seriously wounded while on foot patrol in Helmand Province of Afghanistan on 25 October 2010. Kyle and his point man, Todd Love, were hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) during a routine patrol. The IED ripped into Kyle's face, resulting in the loss of Kyle's left eye, and severely damaging the retina in the right eye. In early November his left eye was surgically removed. He is currently totally blind, although the doctors tell him his sight in the right eye may eventually return. Kyle also had jaw surgery at Bethesda where large pieces of shrapnel were removed from his face. Future reconstructive and cosmetic dental surgery is planned.

Kyle was to have seen a retinal specialist this week, but the doctor is sick and patients. It seems his cornea—the front part of the right eye—has healed nicely, so he just waiting for the blood in the vitreous to dissipate so the doctors can determine the health of the retina and optic nerve. While all this healing takes place, Kyle is still blind in the right eye, hopefully over the next couple of weeks or months he’ll regain his sight.

He will need additional reconstructive surgery to replace his jawbone and his lost teeth. Pray for peace of mind, courage and healing for Kyle. Pray for the medical teams treating him.

Kyle has transferred to Palo Alto, CA for further treatment. Kyle would appreciate any words of encouragement you could offer, a simple "thank you" would boost his morale immensely. You can reach out to him at either logging onto or by emailing his father, Mike Thompson, at






Here is a brief update from his dad Mike:

Good morning,

I thought I would write a short note updating Kyle's status. We left Bethesda on Monday the 22nd and arrived here at Palo Alto on the 23rd. Kyle's eye pressure spiked during the transfer, and the doctors aren't sure what caused it. It could have been from laying down without being able to elevate his head or from not receiving his eye drops on a consistent schedule. The main issue he is dealing with now is giving his eye time to clear the hemotosis that occurred at the time of the blast. In a nutshell he has blood cells floating around in the clear liquid of his eye and as they leave the eye they can clog the ducts somewhat like leaves in a gutter. During this process the eye continues to produce the clear liquid and if it can't escape the eye pressure builds up which can lead to retinal detachment. In the meantime the doctors cannot see into the eye and determine how much damage occurred, and Kyle cannot see through the hemotosis. He was in considerable pain for a few days, but the doctors have been able to reduce the pressure, avoiding making the decision of preforming an operation to remove the blood and giving his eye more time to heal on its own.

The Chief Ophthalmologist has been truly amazing in his care of Kyle and from the information I have gathered the leading authority in the world on blast injuries to the eye. Also the retina specialist taught at John Hopkins and is considered one of the leading experts in his field. It is a huge relief knowing he will be given the best chances to recover sight in his eye.

He continues to amaze, humble and awe me with his positive attitude, and remains very proud of what he, Todd and the rest of his team accomplished in Afghanistan.

I am reading these emails and caring bridge post to him on a daily bases even though he is heckling me about my voice and droning on and on. I can't begin to thank everyone for all of the support and how much it means to him.

My family has set up a account for Kyle at Wells Fargo and anyone wishing to contribute to it only need to tell that its for donations for Kyle Thompson. It is strictly for Kyle.

Thank you again for your prayers and kind words. - Mike

Todd Love, CPL USMC was seriously wounded while on foot patrol in Helmand Province of Afghanistan on 25 October 2010. Todd and his squad leader, Kyle Thompson, were hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) during a routine patrol. The IED took both of Todd’s legs and part of his left arm. Pray for peace of mind, courage and healing for Todd. Pray for the medical teams treating him.

Todd is now at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Todd could use a bit of a morale boost. Any words of encouragement you could offer, a simple "thank you" would boost his morale immensely. You can reach out to him at either logging onto or by emailing Kyle’s father, Michael Thompson, You can write Todd at:





WASHINGTON, DC 20307-5001

Shamim Gray underwent a lumpectomy on Saturday 6 November 2010 at Bethesda Naval Hospital, with apparent great result. Please give thanks for the successful surgery, the good result and a quick recovery. Please pray for a complete remission of the cancer. Pray also Shamim will maintain her great attitude and trust in God.

Judith Clingwall, afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), suffered a major setback in her coping with the disease. She is currently hospitalized. Please pray for her strength, peace of mind, trust in God and remission of the disease so she might return home to her family. Pray also for strength for her husband Martin as he deals with all the problems and stress of Judith’s situation.

Joan Balslev underwent another nerve surgery on her right hand to transfer a nerve from her leg to her hand. The surgery appears successful, though she will likely need another. Please give thanks for the good result and pray for a complete and quick recovery.

Victor’s heart was racing and it was expected he had a blocked coronary artery, but an angiogram on 13 October 2010, at Scripps Green Hospital found no blockage. They did find some plaque in his heart, but they don't know why his heart is racing. They plan to do more tests, but they may never know. They will put him on medication to help his heart heal. Please pray for healing for Victor and peace of mind through trust in God for Victor and his wife Karen as well as the rest of his family and friends.

Becky Madden is paralyzed from the neck down as the result of a tragic shooting accident. She is about to be released home. Please pray for further recovery for Becky, as well as strength and guidance for each of those involved.

Hy Barrett had a hip replacement. Please give thanks for the great result and pray for her continued recovery.

Greg Garvin began chemotherapy on Monday 13 September 2010, for testicular cancer. Please pray for good result and peace of mind for Greg and his family.

Won King had a small stroke near the end of August, the only residual appears to be a loss of vision in her left eye. Please pray for a complete healing and give thanks for the great progress so far.

JJ Davies, age 11, sustained a crushing injury to his left hand on 1 September 2010, which resulted in the loss of four fingers. He was released from the hospital on the night of 3 September 2010, with no sign of infection. Please give thanks for no infection and the great results to date and pray for continued healing in his hand and arm. Pray for courage, strength and trust for JJ and his family.

Nancy Belk’s breast cancer had been in remission for seven years. It has apparently resurfaced in metastasized into her lungs and her arm. Please pray for treatment that will help her, as well as strength and comfort for both her and her family.

George Seddon, a pharmacist and church leader in Georgia whose bladder cancer returned spreading to his pelvis a year ago underwent surgery on Monday 29 November 2010. The surgeon believes he was successful in removing ALL of the tumor in George's leg which was wrapped around his sciatic nerve.

Please continue to pray for George's complete healing. Please pray for the surgical team treating him to pay attention and do their best; pray for peace of mind for George, his wife LaVonda, and their children Megan and George III. Their faith is great, but so is their need.

Mary Jo for guidance in taking care of her husband.

Betty Macauley, Tim’s mom, is currently in a state of failing health. Please pray she will gain interest in life around her and actively pursue life here on earth. Please pray for her family, in particular her son Tim, as they try to help her.

Lauralee underwent a lumpectomy on Friday after Thanksgiving. A further anomaly has been discovered and she is back into preventative radiation treatment. Please pray for a complete remission of the cancer. Pray also Lauralee will maintain her great attitude and trust in God.

Luca, 5 years old, from our church family in Perth, Western Australia, who has just been diagnosed with leukemia. And for his Mum and Dad and extended family.

Jere Wolfe, Melanie Zimmers’ dad has been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart muscle. He just was released from the hospital after treatment for a very bad urinary tract infection, the apparent by-product of earlier radiation treatment. The treatment resulted in severe anemia which affected his heart condition. Please pray for his heart and urology doctors to talk to each other and for Jere to maintain his trust in the Lord.

Greg Chase asks that you pray for his family:

Greg broke his toe.

Diane, Greg’s wife, to see some positive physical signs for the ongoing treatment of her ulcerative colitis.

Phyllis, Greg’s mom, to gain physical strength to overcome her frailties after her recent "small" stroke.

Ed, Greg’s cousin, after a long history of heart issues (two open heart surgeries) to gain physical strength that continues to decline due to a series of other debilitating health issues.

Michelle Cannariato (a former student of Susanne Barrett) had a stroke on her wedding night as the result of a benign tumor in her heart. She underwent what seems to have been very successful surgery for tumor removal on 20 May 2010, at Scripps-La Jolla. The surgery took several hours less than expected, the tumor is out, all the damage has been repaired and the mitral valve was not involved. Thanks be to God! Give prayers of thanksgiving for God’s gift of grace and the skill and attention of the surgeons and their team. Please pray for peace of mind for Michelle and her husband Nick, as well as a full and rapid recovery for Michelle.

Karl is in ICU with a ruptured colon.

Rede Acker, Father Acker’s mom, is recovering from her broken leg, just above where she had a knee replacement. Things had been going great, but she had another fall on 20 November 2010. She was back in the hospital with an infection and had apparent problems with her pain medication. It appears the pain medication issue has resolved and the infection under control to the point she was released from the hospital on 5 December 2010, please give thanks for that. The whole family appreciates your prayers, thank you.

Evelyn Hunt is still having difficulty with her medication and other related problems. She had a CT Scan on 1 December 2010 to see how she is progressing. Please pray that the doctor might find the right medication and doses for her treatment. Please pray for God's peace and goodness to surround her.

Wanda M is still out of work due to her Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Please pray for her complete and rapid recovery, as well as her to keep her spirits up while she gets better.

Vince (age 13), reoccurrence of cancer, recent testing found a nickel sized tumor in his lungs. The doctors are consulting with a specialist in Houston. Please pray for guidance for the medical team and for peace of mind for Vince and his family.

Matt Alcantara, age 15, has Osteosarcoma (bone cancer), a very rare and often lethal form of cancer with limited treatment options. After about 18 months of treatment, all his scans are clear and Friday 3 September 2010, he had his chemotherapy port removed. This with a disease that is about 90 percent fatal in that same time period. He has no hip joint on one side, but he walks and swims! Courage? Guts? You bet! Thanks be to God for the way things have gone. Thanks also for the great faith of Matt and his entire family. Their faith and trust is a wonderful example for each and every one of us. But, now is not the time to stop praying. Actually, it never is the time to stop praying!

Lee Thomas is in assisted living after a stroke and apparently declining after a limited recovery. Please pray for Lee, his family, and the care staff. Please pray for Lee, Sandy and their children to maintain their trust in God and to look towards Him for guidance. Pray also for the medical team treating Lee that God might guide and direct their assessment and treatment.

Vicky developed a brain aneurysm, which ruptured the morning of 28 October 2009. Vicky’s neighbor Sandy has been updating us periodically and sent this:

On 28 October 2009, Vicky she told her husband Doug she had a terrible headache. As it turned out she had a ruptured brain aneurysm. After four surgeries and several months in hospitals, nursing homes and a rehabilitation hospital she came home five weeks ago. Doug prepared for the worst but never gave hope and he made daily trips to Denver to be with her and their boys also went often.

Please pray for Vicky’s recovery and for peace of mind for her family, that they might keep their trust in the Lord.

Obra Gray continues to take day by day, despite still mourning the loss of his beloved wife, Pauline. Please continue to keep Obra in your prayers, and give him the strength of knowing the Lord is with him and will never forsake him. Please God give Obra the peace in his heart he needs, and pray for him to believe the almighty Lord will hold onto him, and not let go until he is in the Lord's arms. Obra needs security of what lies ahead of him, and only the Lord can grant the solace to answer his prayer.

Paula, daughter of Obra Gray, has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) one month ago. The disease has impacted her far quicker than anyone can believe. Two months ago, she could walk with the aid of a cane, one month ago she could feed her self. Now she cannot move, cannot walk, cannot feed herself and has no movement from her neck downwards. Please pray for Paula and her family, particularly for her sons Brian and Jimmy, as well as her father Obra.

Cerrus, daughter in law of Hy, has had a relapse of her cancer. Please pray for a successful treatment and remission.

David is suffering from shingles and asks that we pray for a remission of the symptoms and a return to normalcy.

Jimmy had a stroke along with triple bypass heart surgery. Miney Farrell asks you pray for his recovery and positive frame of mind during his recovery.

Annie S continues her recovery from the kidney transplant and is doing incredibly well! Please give thanks for the great progress to date and pray for continued recovery.

Bashir Ahmed, father of Shamim Gray, has been blessed with the Lord's breath of life to stay on this earth for the time being. But, things are hard for him and his loving wife, who cares for him. They have two young nieces living with them who see no real need to help, pray for God to enter their hearts. Above all, pray for his entire family to open their hearts to accept all God’s love will bring them.

Mary Parker is currently in rehabilitation to learn to walk properly again. Please pray for a positive attitude for her and a great result.

Miney Farrell has pain and weakness in her leg. She asks that you pray for strength to work hard on physical exertion required to regain her strength. She also thanks God for the wonderful people she lives with.

Lorraine Winkles is dealing with the arthritis, but her shingles have resurfaced. She asks your prayer in dealing with the accompanying discomfort.

Kay Denton (Mrs. Kay) is still home and doing pretty well considering the bones in her neck and hands are degenerating as a side effect of her kidney failure. Her thumbs are not particularly useful any more. Mrs. Kay asks everyone who is praying for her know how grateful she is for their prayers. As always, she retains her trust in the Lord and her positive attitude.

Natalie (age 10, leukemia recurrence) has not responded to any treatment since her relapse. Please pray for God’s grace for Natalie and her family to give them peace of heart, soul and mind.


June D, Adam, Tom, Mary, Lloyd & Jennifer to be guided to a church

Breyana, Vie, Asha, Cory, Heather, Holly, William, Phil, Rick, Susan, Curtis, Donny, Chris, Keith (job decision), Sara (God's grace and His patience), Mark, Alexandra, Perlita, Lewis, Susie, Dru, Jack, Tina, William, Christina, Tuck, Jeff, Christiana (God’s grace), Tara (divorce), Errin, Elizabeth, Brandon, Steven, Nelson, Ashley, Betty who is considering moving into an assisted living home, Nick, Pat, Caroline, Stephen, Greg (vocation guidance and training for the diaconate), Stephanie, Richard, Daniel, Sheryl, Edward, Jeannie, Rachel, Mikaela, Patrick, Mary (adoption); Ashley (job); Curt; Angelina & Ron C; Steven (strength); Vanessa H (trust), Jackie (God's grace), Sandy (Relief from stress; Her husband has severe medical problems), Jennifer, Margie, Phyllis, Sam (guidance on direction of his business), Tara (divorce), Virginia, Darin & Brian (mom’s health issues), Jeanie (upset over her husband's cancer problems), Curt (Still providing care for his wife, Jacque, who is undergoing chemotherapy), Alex, Emilie, Stephen, Daniel S, Jan, Tamera (her house is being taken by eminent domain and is in settlement phase; pray for a fair settlement), Rachel, Stephen, Paul, Seth C, Alan P (to control his feelings), Cris, Sean, Lesa, Kenny, Carmen, Jeff, Jane (Bereavement of Caroline's death), Elizabeth B (Graduation from High School; preparation for Point Loma Nazarene), Kenny P (Graduation from High School), John, Cole, Gabe, Toni as she cares for Terry who is undergoing breast cancer treatment, Christy, Ray, Alan (stress in family matters), Kenny (dealing with not being able to physically qualify for the Coast Guard), Sol F, Alex, Emilie, Delores, Fontonilla, Will, Vinnie, Colleen and family, Maureen and family, Billy, Barbie, Robert, Terry, Tony, Sue (husband passed away after a long illness), June, Veronica, Richard, Ryan (new job), Ann (death of her cat of 14 years), Karen F., Toni

James Edward Gerard Fox asks that you please pray for him as he is not well in mind and body and needs raising up to perfection by God through our Lord Jesus. James suffers from anxiety and depression. He is desperate, he has bad asthma, panic attacks and blackouts - his min and thinking is disordered. He asks for a complete lasting miracle in order to heal him. He feels a tormenting unclean spirit inside him that needs taking out for good. Pray for him to accept God’s help.

Helen and her family are in need of God’s guidance that they might do His will, see things His way and hopefully come together through His love.

Sol and his family are in need of God’s guidance that they might do His will, see things His way and hopefully come together through His love.

Louis is in need of God's guidance and direction. Please pray that Louis might see God’s outstretched hand to him and guide him in all he does.

Mark Thomas is in need of God's guidance and direction. Please pray that Mark might take note God’s outstretched hand to him and accept his guidance in all he does.

Ali is searching for spiritual meaning; may the Holy Ghost guide those around her to help her in coming to Christ.

Jacquie to open her heart to God and accept His Love and Grace.

Noriene for God's comfort as she mourns her mother and for her to turn to God for His healing.

Paul S asked everyone to give thanks that his doctor is adjusting his medication for severe schizophrenia.

Hap asks you to pray that he might be able to trust God will help him make the right decisions at the right time and not to worry uselessly and that he will open his heart to the Holy Ghost.

Guidance and Protection

Christina, Sarah

Wanda for guidance on dealing with an employment situation for which her organization needs protection against those who would destroy and tear down the work of the helping organization; also for strength and guidance to deal with the extra stress and hours required to deal with these problems; and pray for her continued healing during this time of stress.

Economic Guidance and Assistance

Keith has been unable to find any full-time work since his custom home drafting business of 25 years really dropped off last year. He is working as a handyman, doing tile work, painting, home repairs, etc. Pray also for God's peace to comfort them and for His leading and wisdom to be very evident to them.

Mark’s business is very very slow, he asks that God point him to new markets and give him guidance in following God’s will that his business might survive and his employees not lose their livelihood.

To Find Employment

Nancy asks your prayers for guidance for her as she seeks employment at both Viejas and Donovan Prison.

Sandra asks that you pray she will be able to find new employment in which she can use her considerable talents to make her new employer more successful. Please pray for her as she searches that she might maintain a good attitude while she looks for work and to look to God for guidance and not her inner self.

Father Keith is looking for additional employment to supplement his part-time stipend at Blessed Trinity. Keith believes his expertise lies in web site development and guitar teaching, both of which he is clearly good at. Please pray the Holy Ghost will enter into his heart and give him inspiration and guidance to lead him to a job which will use his considerable skills to support his family, bless the company he joins and further God’s Work, all together.

Jack has been laid off from his job as a construction manager in East San Diego County; due to the economy jobs in the field are hard to find. Please pray that Jack will find a job, not necessarily in the construction, that will allow him to use his considerable skills and talents to make his new employer more successful; guide him and his family is this difficult time.

Peter, Brad, Brian, Russell, Kris, Keith and Kevin each to find a job that will allow them to use their skill and talent to make their new employer more successful.

Armed Forces & Contractors

Tillman, Justin, Evan, RJ, Matt, Phillip, Julian, John Kelly (USN - USS Ronald Reagan), Evan (USMC-Afghanistan), Stuart (USMC-Afghanistan), Airman Donny Patton (RAF Mildenhall, UK), Bob (USCG), Josh (USCG), Kurt Thomas (USN – Afghanistan FOB), Julian(USMC)


Around the world, Christians are under attack, not only in the Muslim world, but from Hindus and others in India. Also, they are under continual attack in the name of “Separation of Church and State” in the western world, as it becomes actively atheist or pro-devil buddy. Please pray for God’s guidance and protection for all persecuted Christians and those around them.


Rachel gives thanks for the safe birth of Kalani David Parker after a difficult labor.

Various Special Requests

We ask that you pray, please ask God that the Holy Ghost might give you insight into how you might make the lives of your friends and family better. Remember helping others is not just those who you don’t know!

Please join us in praying for God to fill us with the Holy Ghost, even if (or maybe particularly if) we need Him shoved down our throats, to provide inspiration to grow our little church to the glory of God. Our numbers are static; we need God’s inspiration to figure out the next step. Please pray we will open our heart to the gentle prodding of the Holy Ghost; and not do what we have always done expecting a different result.

Please join us in praying that the Free Teen Guitar Class will be continue to be an opportunity for God to work in the lives of the kids and their families. Please ask God to guide the class to new opportunities to make Him known to others. Help us to let the love of our Lord shine through us into their lives, putting Him first, so that He might enter in to their hearts and lives.

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