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Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 November 2008 - Special Prayer Request - The Sunday after All Saints’ Day, Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Trinity, FTGC Sunday & Sunday after Halloween

No reported travel this week.

Mary Mano (Monny) mother of Mary Parker passed away Friday 17 October 2008. Of your Christian charity, pray for the repose of her soul and comfort for her family and friends who remain here on earth.

Jim for whom we have been praying recently passed away from pancreatic cancer. Of your Christian charity, pray for the repose of his soul and comfort for his family and friends who remain here on earth.


 Betty, Salvador (cancer), Betty, Marge, Uni, Karl, Christian, Marie, Wanda, Frank+ (brain tumor), Lois, Jennette (Alzheimer’s), Gary, Delores, Anna, Ruth, Connie, Tom, Crystal, Thomas, Hadley, Diane, Norm, Gregory, Nancy, Leucrecia (cancer), Michele, Marybeth (broken foot, stroke), Bill (infection), Teiko, Ernie, Ray, Betty, Hazel, Bruce (heart attack), Susanne, Paul (stroke), Ralph+ (eyes hip), Allison (kidney), Bill (ETOH poisoning), Kai, Jay, Tim, Diane, Amy (Thyroid cancer), Lise (peritoneal cancer), Joy, Evelyn, Kenny (ear surgery), Debbie, Joanna (stroke) [granddaughter of Father Holland a diocesan priest], Al (Ashley’s dad: surgery) Cyndi (arthritis pain; knee replacement 12/2), Scott (endocarditis and cow valve), June (cancer), Al, Susan, Jeff, David (leg injury)

Joy has a reoccurrence of abdominal cancer, which is non-operable. She is currently in the hospital with a clot in her lung and blockage in her stomach. She and her family ask your prayers for a miraculous remission. She asks God’s help to deal with the pain and discomfort while keeping a positive attitude during what is a very trying time. Pray also for her family might accept God’s will and enjoy whatever time she has with them here on earth. In particular please pray for peace of mind for Joy and her husband Dewaine that they might put their trust in God and increase their faith.

Mary Parker is in the hospital on the regular floor, which is a major improvement. Muriel has been talking with Mary by phone. Mary is working on recovering from doing some strenuous physical therapy in her weakened condition. She’ll be at Sharp Memorial for a while longer yet. There is still a long road ahead of her, but she is doing very well. Please that she and her family will accept the strength that God can give them for the path before them. Please continue to pray for God’s will to be done and that she and her family continue to put their trust in Him. In particular, please pray for her family’s peace.

Joe Huber was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and will undergo radiation seed implants within the next two weeks. Please pray for peace of mind for him and his family and that they might put their trust in God and increase their faith.

Rod Cook has a reoccurrence of lung cancer. Prognosis is not promising. Please pray for either a miraculous recovery or a maximization of his time remaining here on earth. Pray also for his daughter Lori that she might accept God’s will and enjoy whatever time she has with her father here on earth. In particular please pray for peace of mind for both Rod and Lori that they might put their trust in God and increase their faith.

John and Isabel Wilhelmy’s family ask your prayers on their behalf for God’s help through eye surgery and illness combined. We also pray that they will accept their family’s loving assistance in this difficult time.

Everett Joshua (EJ), grandson of Father Josh Acton, Rector of Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church in Yuma, seems to have a condition where he cannot swallow breast milk, but instead actually chokes on it. It is a severe reflux and can cause asphyxiation in infants. His mother Vanessa is now having to pump her milk and add "thickening fluids" to her milk and then feed by bottle. Apparently Vanessa watched an Xray of Everett swallowing, and consequently, choking on milk. His air way is clogged after every time he feeds.

This is not the definitive diagnosis. It sure beats the other possibilities. It is a dangerous but treatable condition. Your prayers and offers of help and support are greatly appreciated.

Please keep EJ and his family in your prayers.

Vince (12 yrs) who has bone cancer (a teammate of Andrew B) has a tumor in his leg. Alternate treatment has not reduced the tumor, so he will have surgery to remove the tumor on 28 November 2008. Also pray that he and his family might put their trust in God and accept His comfort.

Alice, friend of Fran Dexter, had lung cancer and surgery five years ago and has been in remission. After she started coughing up blood, radiological testing found a spot on her lung. She underwent surgery on 5 September 2008, which apparently went well. Fran asks in particular you pray for peace of mind for both Alice and Rick that they might put their trust in God.

Kenny had surgery to improve his hearing which did not end up improving his hearing in the end. Please pray for his adjusting to very limited hearing in just one ear. Also, please continue to pray for his improved state of mind and faith.

Joshua Hamilton fell out of a car the morning of 27 July 2008. He sustained a closed head injury and potential spinal cord injuries. Joshua underwent three surgeries to relieve pressure on his brain, but has not yet awakened. He is being moved to a long term care facility. He needs miraculous healing as the doctors have done all they can. We are praying for God’s miraculous intervention and to do those things best for Joshua in his life with God. Please continue to pray for his wife, Tulani, and two children, Isaiah & Keanu, and of course his mom, Jo Ann, and his James brother who is in our FTGC, asking for God’s presence and comfort.

Glenn Finch is entering his last week (actually last 3 days) of rehab!!! It has been 3 months since his accident! It is astounding that he began this journey on life support and now is doing so incredibly well. Tuesday he takes a driving test, so that he can start driving again. Every day this week he will have to test out in all the areas...physical therapy, neuropsych, speech, occupational therapy (life skills), etc. Please keep him in your prayers! Thursday is his last day. You will probably hear us cheering from your houses! :-)
Your love, encouragement, prayers, help and support has meant so much to us! Thank you! Caralie

Evelyn Hunt has pain in her jaw, face, & neck. The doctors haven’t been able to diagnose the cause. She has been very limited in getting out, but continued to do her walking in the house. Most importantly, pray for her to keep a good attitude and maintain a trust in God, so she will not worry.

Miney Farrell has had pain and weakness in her leg that has been limiting her activity.

Lorraine Winkles is still dealing with shingles (now over 24 months). The level of discomfort varies but the condition is persisting.

Lona Walsh is in significant discomfort, but it looks like it is not Lupus. A recent MRI indicates she needs shoulder surgery on both sides, not great news, but much better than Lupus. She hopes for more information shortly, in the mean time, she asks that you continue your prayers for healing.

Kay Denton (Mrs. Kay) – is home and doing wonderfully well! As always, she retains her trust in the Lord and her positive attitude. 

 Mrs. Kay asks that everyone who is praying for her know how grateful she is for their prayers.

Nicole Ethridge - age 27, mother of two - Has a form of liver disease, which is causing her liver to shut down. She is near dialysis and would like you to pray for her disease to go into remission so that she can keep off dialysis and avoid a liver transplant. She asks that you pray for her continued faith and good spirits, as well as strength to take care of her children.

Caroline (age 10, leukemia recurrence) is now home in Escondido after her bone marrow transplant in July. She will have to make frequent trips to City of Hope in Pasadena for follow-up appointments, but she's very glad to be home now. Please continue in prayer that her leukemia will not reoccur; after the transplant, the chance of recurrence is 40%. Caroline will be 11 in December. Please keep praying for this sweet girl to make a full recovery and live a long life, devoted to God. She and her family are Catholic Christians.

George (recurrence of bladder cancer) has been undergoing weekly chemotherapy which made him quite ill. While at the hospital, his oncologist had a series of CAT scans done on George, and the tumor on his bladder is GONE. Disappeared. Non-existent. The oncologist said that the best he was expecting was a 50% reduction in the size of the tumor, but it is GONE. Thanks be to God! George will still need a few more weeks of chemo and will also need blood thinning injections for quite a while to prevent other clots, and the doctor also saw a dark area on George's kidney. He doesn't think it's anything to worry about but he is having a couple of specialists in radiology take a look to be sure.

George, LaVonda, Megan, and George III are rejoicing in this healing from the Lord! Please continue in prayer for George, giving thanks for the total reduction of George's tumor. They live in northern Georgia.

Bruce Denny lives in El Cajon and has experienced two major heart attacks in his early 40's. He was to have an appointment with a cardiologist last Thursday, but no results yet. His previous appointment showed further deterioration of his heart, including a fluid build-up in the sac surrounding his heart. The family is also under severe financial stress because Bruce has been unable to work after his heart attacks. His wife, Jennifer, is looking for a job and for childcare for their one-year-old. The church family at Lake Murray Community Church is helping out with taking their older boys to and from school and with meals, etc. Pray for no further deterioration in Bruce's heart and for help with their finances.

Greg Chase has been working way more than reasonable and trying to fit everything in his life. He as been exposed to many potential diseases at work and seems to be catching most of them. Please pray for Greg to order his life to get the rest he needs and spend the time he needs with his family. Please also pray for his physical recovery from his current aliment which appears to be some sort of flu.

Tom, Mary, Lloyd & Jennifer, Bob to be guided to a church
Ashley, Breyana, Vie, Asha, Cory, Heather, Holly, Ken, Maruja, William, Joe, Alexander, Jonathan, Phil, Sandy, Larraine, Brad, Brian, Uni, Jennifer, Greg, Margie, Phyllis, Walter, Rick, Carol, Susan, Curtis, Stephen, Donny, Chris, Eric (job), Andrew, Keith (job decision), Sara, Mark, Alexandra, Nelson, Perlita, Lewis, Sam & Susie

Sarah is still struggling with custody arrangements for her children and would appreciate our continued prayers. A hearing on 24 November 2008 will probably change custody to a more permanent arrangement (the children are currently switching between parents every other day). A hearing in February should finalize things. Sarah really appreciates our prayers and is asking for the decision to be in the best interest of the children. Sara asks you pray that God’s will for these children will be realized and they will be put in the best custody situation possible. Please pray for God’s guidance in the lives of the ex-husband, John and Sara and that they might hear Him.

Guidance and Protection
Christina, John and Sarah

Economic Guidance and Assistance
Matt and Tracey very good friends of the Hubers. Matt is looking for a new job and they have two young children. Please pray that they are able to find employment soon.

Keith has had no work for the past four weeks. Because of family medical expenses, they have no savings and are in debt. Please pray for God's leading for a new job or for new clients for Keith's drafting business or for another stained glass commission. Pray for Susanne as she tutors and teaches online classes while home schooling their four kids, that she may remain strong and able to do all she needs to do to teach their kids and help with finances despite herphysical condition (rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.). Pray for them also to not fear for the future but to trust in the Lord.

Eric and Eric both to find a job that will allow them to use their skill and talent to make their new company more successful.

Sonny and Carol have lost their business, their home is in foreclosure. Please pray that they might find an opportunity for gainful employment where they can use their talents to make a positive impact on the world.

Mark’s business is very very slow, he asks that God point him to new markets and give him guidance in following God’s will that his business might survive and his employees not lose their livelihood.

Please pray for Kevin in the UK. He has been looking for a job for a long time and is 52. Please pray he might find an opportunity for gainful employment where he can use his talents to make a positive impact on the world. Please pray also for his family, in particular his wife Beverley, that they might open their hearts and minds to God’s guidance for their future.

Homebound/Aged and Infirm
 Mary, Donna, Betty, Noko, Adelaide, Evelyn, Lorraine, Ellie

Armed Forces & Contractors
Tillman, Justin, Evan, RJ, Matt, Phillip, Julian, Joe (USAF - Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait), John Kelly (USN - USS Ronald Reagan)

Anglican Communion
Archbishop Peter Akinola, the head of the GAFCON Primates’ Council has asked us to pray for our Anglican Communion. Specifically during September to December, we are bidden to pray for:

1. Guidance of the Holy Spirit upon the GAFCON Primates Council that they may be united in their leadership for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

2. Upholding the Bible as authoritative for the life, faith, and conduct of all Christians

3. Remaining faithful in the central task of the Church to mission and evangelism, saving the lost, bringing life and health to the poor and needy

4. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit to bring renewal, revival and transformation of individuals, communities, and societies

5. Anglicans to focus upon God’s agenda set forth in Scripture, God’s authority as given by Jesus Christ, and God’s mission in saving sinners and by the Holy Spirit turning them into saints

6. The setting aside all other agendas, that Jesus alone be Lord.

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