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Monday, November 24, 2008

24 November 2008 - Special Prayer Request

George, a friend of Susanne Barrett who lives in northern Georgia, experienced a recurrence of bladder cancer earlier this year. At his last scan, the doctors were amazed the tumor had *completely* disappeared. Praise God for His miracles!

However, George developed a blood clot in his upper foot/lower leg. It's been there for over a month, and today surgeons are hoping to remove the clot so that George will not be permanently disabled. Please pray for the surgery to be successful and for no complications to arise. Pray also George will have no long-term damage from the clot. He still has another round or two of chemo to under go before he's finished with treatment, and the chemo makes him very ill. He just barely recovers by the time he needs the next treatment a week later. Please pray for George's endurance and for peace for the whole family, including their children, Megan and George III.

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