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Saturday, November 28, 2009

28 November 2009 - Special Prayer Request


Zeke and Dorothy are in need of healing. Dorothy is currently in skilled nursing after a serious bout of colitis, trying to gain strength to go home. Her husband Zeke has liver disease and is doing better than Dorothy, but not that well. Please pray for the medical people taking care of both of them and for them and their family placing their faith in God and seeking his guidance.

Mike Wysocki has just been diagnosed with a bad heart valve, which seems to require replacement. Mike, whose real name is Ronald, but who is universally known as Chief, asks that you pray for the medical team treating him that they might pay attention and do their best. He also asks that you pray for guidance and peace of mind, both for him and his wife Wendy.

To Find Employment

Jack has been laid off from his job as a construction supervisor in East San Diego County; due to the economy jobs in the field are hard to find. Please pray that Jack will find a job, not necessarily in the construction, that will allow him to use his considerable skills and talents to make his new employer more successful; guide him and his family is this difficult time.

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