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Saturday, November 7, 2009

7 November 2009 - Special Prayer Requests

Bishop Richard Boyce has bronchial pneumonia. He is down right now, taking antibiotics and likely feel pretty poorly, though he never complains. Please pray for his rapid and complete recovery.

Vicky developed a brain aneurysm, which ruptured the morning of 28 October 2009. She made it through seven hours of surgery and is now in a drug induced coma in a Denver hospital. She is starting to be taken off the barbiturates that have essentially put her into a coma. This has the potential to increase her ICP level as her brain becomes more active, but it will also allow her body to help with the healing process. By having her in an induced coma, her immune system was essentially shut down, and all of the muscles that were not being challenged were threatened with severe atrophy. This process could take up to 56 hours to get the barbiturates out of her system. It will also allow the doctors to get a more accurate reading on her responsiveness and how the vasospasms are progressing.

While it is scary, it seems like a step in the right direction. We are on the road… There will be bumps and there will be potholes, but we have a pretty experienced driver. As it is yet another bright day, another laugh… Vicky’s primary Doctors in the ICU are Dr. Newman and Dr. Seinfeld. It took me a while to realize the humor in that… just give it a second…unless you never watched the show Seinfeld…then it might take a little longer.

Again, thank you for all of your love and support- Love, Ian

Please pray for her recovery and for peace of mind for her family, that they might keep their trust in the Lord.

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