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Thursday, December 17, 2009

17 December 2009 - Special Prayer Requests

Claude Strauch is currently in hospital with congestive heart failure and other heart related problems in Minnesota. Doctors are attempting to get medications under control. He is very concerned, as is his entire family. Please pray for guidance for the medical team treating him and for Claude and his family, that they might put their care and worry on God’s back so they can do their best for each other.

Joan Jeffery was diagnosed with cancerous lymphoma in her throat area. She is in ICU trying to fight off the severe effects of the radiation treatment which have made her unable to eat or drink. Joan is currently in a drug induced sleep and should awake in a couple of days. It is hoped her strength will build in the sleep. The doctors and nurses are all positive she will pull through this problem and have said once the mouth etc. has healed enough for her to eat properly the improvement should be quite rapid, so I am keeping everything crossed. Please pray for peace of mind for Joan and her husband Peter as she goes through this difficult time. Pray also for guidance for the medical personnel treating her.

Dan Heersema had four way bypass surgery on 7 December 2009, which he tolerated well. Shock treatment administered on Tuesday reduced the fibrillation and his heart is now beating strongly as is should. Dan was released from the hospital. He seems surprised he feels so lousy; but being so close to the problem, has not noticed his great progress over the week. Things seem to be at least on schedule and he is very happy to be home. Please give thanks for a great result and pray for his continued recovery and that he may live a long and healthy life to God’s honor and glory. Pray for peace of mind for Dan and his family.

Mike Wysocki was diagnosed with a bad aortic heart valve, which requires repair or replacement. He did well with the angiogram on 7 December 2009. On 18 December 2009, Mike has a pre-Op meeting with the surgeon and nurse practitioner. On 30 December 2009, the surgery will take place. Mike, whose real name is Ronald, but who is universally known as Chief, asks that you pray for the medical team treating him that they might pay attention and do their best. He also asks that you pray for guidance and peace of mind, both for him and his wife Wendy.

Caroline just celebrated her 12th birthday earlier this month. Although she remains free of leukemia after her bone marrow transplant in July 2008, the side effect of the transplant, graft vs. host disease (GVHD), is so bad that she can barely walk and at times cannot even hold a pencil because her joints are so stiff and swollen.

After Christmas she will have a Hickman line surgically placed to allow frequent injection of meds that may help resolve her severe GVHD. Caroline sees this surgery as a major step backward and is quite depressed; please pray for her and for an improvement in her condition.

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