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Thursday, December 3, 2009

3 December 2009 - Special Prayer Requests

Dan Heersema will be having three or four way bypass surgery on 7 December 2009, after an unsuccessful stent implant earlier in the fall. Please pray for God to guide the surgical team working on him and a successful outcome for the surgery, grant him a full recovery that he may live a long and healthy life to God’s honor and glory. Pray for peace of mind for Dan and his family.

Mike Wysocki has just been diagnosed with a bad heart valve, which seems to require repair or replacement. He is scheduled for an angiogram on 6 December 2009, so a determination can be made as to the course of action. Mike, whose real name is Ronald, but who is universally known as Chief, asks that you pray for the medical team treating him that they might pay attention and do their best. He also asks that you pray for guidance and peace of mind, both for him and his wife Wendy.

Jackson Babcock, father of Hope DeLong, has not been feeling well. He ended up in ICU, got better and is now home. Please give thanks for the great turn around and pray that he will continue to recover and thrive at home and live a long and fruitful life to God’s honor and glory.

Mila daughter of Kristen Cramer was born six weeks early. Please give thanks for her successful birth. Mila needs to build her strength so she can be released home. Please pray for her to gain interest in eating and gain strength.

Zeke and Dorothy are in need of healing. Dorothy is currently in skilled nursing after a serious bout of colitis, trying to gain strength to go home. Her husband Zeke has liver disease and is doing better than Dorothy, but not that well. Please pray for the medical people taking care of both of them and for them and their family placing their faith in God and seeking his guidance.

Vicky developed a brain aneurysm, which ruptured the morning of 28 October 2009. She made it through seven hours of surgery and the drug induced coma in a Denver hospital. Her husband and sons have been by her the entire time, so she has never been alone. In the words of her family …

It is amazing the difference a day makes! Yesterday at this time, mom had just gotten out of surgery; and tonight they are preparing to move her to the long-term acute care facility tomorrow. Apparently the surgery was a total success, the staff at University Hospital says that they are seeing telltale signs that she is beginning to wake up; dad said she looked more aware than she has in weeks. We still do not know when she will be transported; and as we have discovered, plans can change, but they are saying that tomorrow is the day. They are also speculating that her stay in the acute care could be short, since she is already breathing without the ventilator, and she could move to the rehab facility far sooner than we previously believed possible.

I feel that this is an opportune time to express my gratitude to the staff at University Hospital, without whom we would be in a much more tenuous situation. They have inspired hope and facilitated an utterly implausible resurgence to this point in mom’s path to recovery. With this thanks, it is also essential to thank all of you that have been sharing your love, thoughts and prayers over the past five weeks, and longer than that- Although we are not home yet, you have been an invaluable light guiding us thus far- All of my love and gratitude to you all- Love, Ian

Please pray for her recovery and for peace of mind for her family, that they might keep their trust in the Lord.

Hope asks you pray for God’s help in forcing the dissolution an aircraft partnership with two other people. For two and a half years she has been trying to come to an equitable agreement and cannot. She asks that she be open to God’s guidance in bringing this partnership to an end to the mutual benefit of all the partners.

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